Is Raw Whey Protein Hard To Digest? 

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Different types of protein indeed give different types of nutrients. A lot of you might think that raw whey protein is hard to digest. There are a few reasons why you could think that and if it is true or not.

Here is a complete guide for busting your myths regarding the digestion of raw whey protein. So let’s get started!


How is raw whey protein different from refined whey protein?

How is raw whey protein different from refined whey protein

Refined whey protein comes with several supplements added to your original raw whey protein so that the absorption of protein becomes simpler during digestion.

Due to this, the protein absorbed by the body becomes more effective. Due to the high effectiveness of protein, more and better energy is released from your body.

However, the raw whey protein does not contain any of these nutrients, which is why it doesn’t get absorbed completely. Although, this is one of the major reasons people have started believing the myth that it is hard to digest and leads to gut problems.

Unprocessed or raw products are indeed difficult to digest. Due to this and bacteria in the unprocessed food, many kidney-related issues arise.

Although, it is not the same for raw whey protein. Since it is made up of milk, which is already a product that has been processed, it does not harm your body.


Advantages And Disadvantages Of Raw Whey Protein:

Advantages Of Raw Whey Protein

1. Muscle growth and maintenance:

Muscle Growth

Muscle growth and maintenance are highly affected by protein. The protein helps decrease body fat and increase muscle mass, which is why it is beneficial for those who want a lean body.

A good quantity of whey protein is needed to achieve your desired target. When you exercise, it breaks down your protein and grows more of it. This also happens because raw whey protein is rich in leucine, and amino acid.


2. Raw whey protein is simpler:

Raw whey protein is full of simplicity. Since it is easily digested and easy to acquire, it is one of the best options to quickly replenish the loss of protein from your body. You can consume the quantity of raw whey protein you need and get going.


3. Reduces muscle fatigue:

Muscle Fatigue

Raw whey protein enhances the physical ability of people who work out and helps them gain muscles and shed weight at the same time. When you consume raw whey protein, it increases your glucose intake and helps your muscles.

Glucose helps in glycogen synthesis. Glycogen is what stores the energy and gives your muscles a denser look. Consumption of raw whey protein helps in decreasing muscle fatigue.


4. Cut down on unhealthy snacks:

When you consume protein, you feel fuller than when you don’t. It helps in slowing down your digestive process. Due to this, you do not feel the urge to eat comprehensively, which is why it keeps unhealthy snacks away.


Disadvantages Of Raw Whey Protein

1. Digestion time:

Consuming raw whey protein is ideal till digestion kicks in. Raw whey protein slows down the digestive process. And since it delays digestion, the energy utilization also decreases.


2. Lacks necessary enzymes:

Raw whey protein does not contain as many enzymes full of nutrition as refined whey protein does. Due to this, the digestion of whey protein in your body becomes slower.


3. Lower absorption:

As we have already talked about, due to the absence of necessary nutrients, the absorption of raw whey protein becomes slower. As a result, you might not see the hype in your energy using raw whey protein as you would using a refined one.


4. Blood acidity increase:

Metabolizing raw whey protein can become slightly difficult for your kidneys due to the presence of high protein content in your blood. Raw whey protein can easily escalate the pH level in your blood. This is why your blood acidity level increases.


Author’s note-

Having anything in excess can result in abnormalities. Make sure you consume only the desired amount of protein.


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Bottom Line

As beneficial as raw whey protein can be for you, it can also have a few side effects. This article might have helped you decide if whey protein’s role is suitable for your digestive system or not.

In the comment section below, let us know which protein you prefer and why.

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