How Do You Know When You Need A New Mattress?

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Our mattresses are an essential factor affecting the quality of sleep that we achieve every night. Good quality and maintained mattresses prevent the feeling of tiredness and soreness upon waking up, hence providing people with the perfect boost for their day.

However, no matter how well the mattresses are maintained, time takes its toll. According to research, the new bedding systems provide better quality sleep. Hence, there comes a time when people should bid farewell to it and switch to a new one for better comfort.

But now the question arises – how do you know when you need a new mattress? Here are a few signs that your old mattress is wearing out and you need a new one.


1. Your Mattress is Sagging

Your Mattress is Sagging


Be it hybrid or memory foam – almost every mattress has the potential to start sagging at one point. It can be due to many reasons, including weakening coils or springs within the mattresses. People who own memory foam mattresses should not overlook the sinking two inches or deeper criteria – as it is a sign that the mattress needs to be replaced.

One of the worst effects of sagging mattresses is the loss of the necessary support that our bodies need in certain parts. Hence when the mattresses start sagging and losing their firmness, it is best to switch to a new one.


 2. Your Mattress Creaks

Your Mattress Creaks


While we may not regard the squeaking and creaking sounds of furniture as a reason for it to be replaced, we should never do the same in the case of a mattress. Since there are springs, coils and other forms of support in most of them, they might wear out after years of usage.

Mattresses are capable of losing their strength over the years. Hence, it is best to let go of the old mattress if you notice the coils and support getting rusty and incapable of holding the weight they usually would without loud squeaks.


3. Your Mattress Stinks

Your Mattress Stinks


If your mattress starts stinking abnormally, it is a vital sign that it needs to be replaced. Even though the mattresses usually smell a bit in their initial days of installment, the smell should be gone within the first week itself – and never come back again. Hence, if a noticeable odor from your mattress smells like a chemical, you should never overlook it. It can be due to the release of toxic adhesives, contributing to toxin accumulation in your body.

Chemical odor is not the only kind of smell you should look out for in your mattress. Since mattresses can trap dust, dirt and molds over time, any unpleasant scent from your mattress is a vital sign that you should get a new mattress.


4. You Wake Up in Pain and Exhaustion

You Wake Up in Pain and Exhaustion


A good mattress helps the body to rest fully. Hence if your mattress is in good condition, you should be waking up fresh and happy. However, if you wake up already exhausted, you need a new mattress.

If the mattress cannot provide your body with adequate comfort to rest as much as it wants to throughout the night, it can lead to the feeling of tiredness the first thing in the morning. Hence, it is best to ditch your old mattress as soon as your sleep quality and morning feelings start getting affected for the worse.


5. Your Allergies are Triggered

Your Allergies are Triggered


A worn-out mattress does more damage than causing tiredness first thing in the morning. If you feel that your nose feels stuffed up in the morning but proceeds to get better as the day passes, your mattress’ quality might be at fault. Since mattresses can trap various particles of dust, dirt and pathogens, many people go through their allergies being triggered in the night and morning.

However, a stuffed up nose is not the only allergy that mattresses can trigger. Various compounds and adhesives in the mattresses can also trigger many skin reactions. Hence if you ever feel that your allergies are triggered while in bed, it is best to replace your mattress.


6. You Can Sleep Better Somewhere Else

You Can Sleep Better Somewhere Else



One of the giant red flags for the quality of your mattress is when you can sleep better anywhere else other than your bed. You might have insomnia and back pain and feel uncomfortable throughout the night – but you sleep like a baby in the room you stayed in for your weekly getaway.

If you can relate to this, your mattress might be at fault. Hence if you can sleep better anywhere else other than your bed, it is time to get rid of your old mattress and buy a new one.

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7. Your Mattress is Old

Your Mattress is Old


There is no hard and fast rule that one should always wait for sure signs of wearing out before deciding between switching their mattress. If you bought your mattress 7 to 8 years back, it is best to switch to a newer one.

Since mattresses are not designed to last a lifetime, a timely replacement is highly advised. They are usually constructed with a lifespan of about 7 to 10 years, depending on the quality and brand. Hence, it is best to replace them once this period has been reached.

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1. How often should I replace my mattress?

Ans. It is generally advised to replace your mattress every 7 to 10 years.


2. Is buying a new mattress worth it?

Ans. According to research, new mattresses have been observed to improve the quality of sleep amongst people. So yes, buying a new mattress within reasonable intervals is worth it.



While the signs mentioned above are pretty helpful in understanding when you need a new mattress, the reasons for the same might not always depend on the condition of the mattress itself.

For instance, the situation of our life changes as time passes – gaining or losing weight, getting pregnant, getting a sleep partner, and so on might also be a reason you would want to get a new mattress.

Hence, to sum up, proper evaluation of the condition of the mattress and our life is the key to deciding whether or not you need a new one.

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