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Have you ever wondered about monitoring your blood sugar without finger pricks? I bet you must have wanted a “painless technique to measure blood sugar” for a long time? In the 2024 market, we’re getting a new patent from Abbott, which is getting available in India. This is a piece of essential news from Abbott, the parent company itself.

Through this article, we’ll cover every aspect of FreeStyle Libre Flash & what are the benefits of using a painless blood sugar monitor, and much more. Our guide & review will let you explore very thoroughly. Some aspects of FreeStyle Libre Flash count as a general definition for most of the Glucometer out there.


Brief Overview of FCGM

You must be thinking about why we are discussing CGM; well, to keep it simple, the blood sugar monitor, which doesn’t need any help from the test strips or any such finger prickling, fall under the category of Flash Continuous Glucose Monitor. The term continuous defines them because they have your blood sugar under monitoring 24/7 & they check your blood sugar in a flow.

We’ll further see how this FreeStyle Libre Flash works for the general public & what it could be the benefits for it. Flash Continuous Glucose Monitoring is more likely to reduce the patient’s burden who’s suffering from Diabetes – I & wants less maintenance with much better results. One should never get confuse FCGM with CGM as they both differ in several aspects.


FreeStyle Libre Flash – Benefits, Usage, Pros & Cons.

FreeStyle Libre Flash

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s approval in 2017 made FreeStyle Libre Flash one of the only painless Glucometers. Before we discuss its benefits, the Libre Flash is ideal for Diabetes 1 patients & can also be used for Diabetes 2 patients occasionally. Most of the traditional Blood Glucose Monitors can be time-consuming, inconvenient & inaccurate.

All of this is wholly resolved while using Flash Continuous Glucose Monitor, all thanks to the sensor which monitors, calibrates and record data without disturbing you. Let’s look at all of the benefits which are worth your experience.


FreeStyle Libre Flash Benefits

FreeStyle Libre Flash Benefits

  1. They use a compact design to eliminate the bulky form factor of its transmitter. FreeStyle Libre Flash uses a round-shaped water-resistant sensor that is attached to the arm & the blood sugar is monitored throughout the day.
  2. The sensor measures the fluid just under your skin on a self-adhesive pad, which will be painless & you can measure it throughout the day.
  3. It features a disposable sensor that can go up to 14 days. Scan of your blood sugar is further recorded into the monitor & can be further transferred.
  4. It’s very practical & can be worth your time. The real-time glucose reading & glycemic index can make you aware of the impact on your diet to fix it according to it.
  5. FreeStyle Libre Flash has an alarming system that can make you aware of the high or low glucose content in your body.

These benefits make FreeStyle Libre Flash a very innovative & informative flash continuous glucose monitor. The main difference between the FCGM and CGM is that the FreeStyle Libre Flash being an FCGM, records the data every minute of your blood sugar, making it a behavioural change device.


FreeStyle Libre Flash Usage

FreeStyle Libre Flash Usage

The FreeStyle Libre Flash uses a sensor which is inside the applicator that senses the fluid of your upper arm. Its usage is pretty simple for a patient after the applicator is attached to your upper arm. It has a 10-15 minutes time delay which is why it is termed as Flash Continuous Glucose Monitor rather than CGM.

After you have inserted on into your upper arm, there is no need to calibrate your sensor, as it automatically makes it possible for you to record the data. The Blood Monitor can be used to provide an HbA1c estimate too. Its sensor works for up to 14 days, and the patient can further dispose of them.


  • Especially if the patient or you is on insulin, this blood sugar monitor can be effective and painless for most of the part. This results in saving your time and sleep.
  • It is easy to manage by the patient itself, as after the application of the sensor itself, you won’t be feeling it due to its adhesive pad which sticks on to the skin of the upper arm.
  • Due to its ease to manage it properly, you can perfectly notice all the readings in real-time without any hassle.
  • The Flash Blood Sugar Monitor ensures that you never miss your old data, within its 2nd generation monitor they provide you with an alarm system which can be helpful for you to record data whenever the glucose is going high or low.


  • It could be challenging for you to place the sensor on the right spot of your upper arm, it will take time for you to easily put it on your arm, but you need to check where you can perfectly place it.
  • The worst part of them all is due to its high number of benefits it has been very expensive out there in the market. Each sensor is almost 5k-6k Indian Rupee & it will be an expensive sensor within 14 days.
  • During the time of removal, rashes & allergies can be developed on your arm while you have applied the sensor on your upper arm.


The Final Verdict

As you have seen how beneficial this device sounds, besides its technical and personal issues, you can get the most out of this & monitor your glucose levels which will further make you improve your own diet & schedule. The best part amongst all is, rather using the self-monitoring device

We prefer you this device if you are comfortable with investing funds in this device. The FCGM will be a worthy option, although there are many other alternatives for you to try it out. Other alternatives like Dexcom G6; Eversense CGM; Medtronic Guardian can be some good options out there for you to try.

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