How To Find Bed Bugs During The Day?

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Insects like bed bugs become active during the night and maintain silence during the day. Due to this lack of movement during the day, finding and getting rid of these bed bugs can be challenging.

According to us, Apartments and homes have the highest infestation occurring chances. Also, spotting bed bugs can be a lengthy and restless process that requires a high level of attentiveness and focus.

Since bed bugs are good at hiding, they can make you work for hours and still get uncaught, especially during the day.

Despite such conditions, there are still a few ways that can help you find bed bugs. Here is the list of things that can help your catch bed bug during the day:


How To Find Bed Bugs During The Day

1. Use Several Tools

Tools To Look For Bed Bugs

During the daytime, try to gain the benefits of an ample amount of light, which can help you find bed bugs faster. Uncover all the shutters and curtains and let the light sink into your house.

Areas like behind the furniture or closet can often have less lighting and can be tough to spot beg bugs; in such places, you can take the help of a flashlight to search for bed bugs.

Beg bugs are small; therefore, using tools like a magnifying glass can help you spot them easily, even in small areas.


2. Look In Familiar Bed Bug Hiding Places

Bed Bugs Hiding Places

There are few places in your room or house where bed bugs usually hide. These places include your mattress, box spring, furniture, nightstands, areas around the bed, closets and more.

Areas that aren’t touched or used constantly are where you will find these bed bugs the most. These insects like to stay in a place where they aren’t disturbed regularly.

Therefore, a mattress is their favorite spot as they are used or touched constantly, and makes it also makes it easy for bugs to reach you at night. However, if you have a new mattress or durable mattress then you might not find bed bugs around them.

You might even find them under carpets and rugs, but they don’t usually stay in such places for a more extended period as they get constantly disturbed in such areas.


3. Look For Various Signs

Bed bugs are skin shedding insects, and therefore, they leave tons of signs in between their movement so, it can be beneficial to look for these signs.

Mattresses are one of the spots they prefer to hide in as it makes it easier to feed at night.

Therefore, look in such areas which are close to your bed. Bed frame and Boxspring are other areas bed bugs love to hide, so try thoroughly searching those areas.


4. Try Looking For Nymph Or Eggs

The nymphs or eggs of bed bugs are equally bad for you, so if you can’t find bed bugs, look for them instead.

Eggs are almost half a rice size and are spotted in areas that aren’t easily disturbed or moved. Meanwhile, nymphs can be difficult to find as they are transparent colors, but few of them can have the middle of their body in a reddish-brown color.

This color is an indication that they have started the feeding process.


5. Use Expert’s Help 

Bed Bugs Expert

Make sure that once you find bed bugs, you act upon them fast so they can’t spread in higher amounts. But aren’t able to find bed bugs regardless of bloodstain and dark spots on your mattress and pillowcase.

Then it is recommended to call in an expert and take his guidance regarding the situation. Passive monitors used by an expert exterminator will help altogether remove bed bugs from your house.



1. Do bed bugs climb over plastic bags and containers? 

No, bed bugs don’t usually climb over plastic materials as they don’t like staying on these smooth materials. Therefore, small items are usually stuffed and sealed in plastic materials to protect them from bed bugs.


2. What method can help kill bed bugs immediately? 

The steam method is an excellent method to kill bed bugs immediately. When a temperature of 212°F comes in contact with bed bugs and their eggs, they die instantly. For this method, you can use steam directly on your infected area to kill bed bugs.


3. What precautions should regarding bed bugs if I’m a traveler? 

If you travel regularly, ensure you inspect your suitcases and bags properly after every trip. As bed bugs may climb your bags or clothes from hotels or through public transport. Also, make sure you have cleaned and checked your clothes as well as this can cause the spreading of bed bugs in the house.


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The process of finding bed bugs can be extremely lengthy. Therefore, knowing specific guidelines, areas, and tools is always better to make the process easier.

Here we have mentioned all the ways or techniques to help you quickly find bed bugs during the day.

Tell us in the comments if you face any issues or trouble in finding bed bugs during the day.

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