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Do you also find it difficult to choose the best makeup products for your skin complexion? Are you struggling with choosing a concealer shade that matches your skin tone? Don’t worry; you’ve come to the right place!

This article is all about ways and tips on choosing the best concealer for your complexion and requirements.




Concealers are an important part of the daily makeup routine. These are similar to the foundation but are especially useful to hide dark circles, spots, blemishes, and pigmentation.

This powerful product can be used in various ways depending upon your requirements.

Concealers come in a variety of forms which are mentioned below –

  • Liquid Concealers- These are available in a matte or satin finish and are long-lasting compared to other concealers.
  • Creamy Concealers- These are most effective for medium to full coverage. These are ideal for normal, dry, or sensitive skin.
  • Stick Concealers- These are semi-solid, creamy-textured concealers. These can be blended easily and have a long-lasting effect.
  • Color-Correcting Concealers- These concealers are used to neutralize the effect of unnatural colors present on the face in the form of redness and pigmentation. They come in colors like yellow, peach, orange, green, lavender, pink, pale yellow, etc.




Concealers are essential for a full makeup look. Listed below are some of the benefits of concealers:-

1. Helps In Hiding Dark Circles


Has the late-night binge-watching of Netflix caused you dark circles? No worries! This product can help you to hide those stubborn dark circles right under your eyes.

You can use a brightening concealer to hide the dark circles and look more radiant and awake.

However, a concealer too bright for your skin tone is not really a good option. Too bright concealers can have a cakey look that you would surely not want.


2. Contouring Purposes

One or two shade darker concealer to your skin toner can be used for contouring your face. It will help you to get a pointed nose and a lovely jawline. What else do you want?

Creamy concealers are way better than powdered concealers when it comes to contouring.


3. Hiding Blemishes

Most of the concealers contain salicylic acid that helps reduce the appearance of acne and dark spots present on the face.

These types of concealers help to get a natural-looking finish on the face.

Concealers should be applied with the help of a sponge or brush to avoid touching your face with your hands. This is because our hands may contain germs and oil that can make the skin oily and prone to infections.


4. Highlighting Purposes

Concealers come with a natural glow finish. A shade lighter concealer to your skin tone can be used to highlight your cheekbones, brow bones and bridge of your bones.


5. Proxy for Primers

Concealers can be used as primers for lipstick and eyeshadow. It helps to achieve a smooth base for applying eyeshadows and lipsticks.




Mentioned below are some of the tips you can use to choose the best concealer for your skin tone:-

1. The Thumb Rule! Match Your Foundation

If the only purpose of applying the concealer is to hide the blemishes or spots, you should match the shade of your concealer to your foundation. Neither darker nor lighter!

For this, you can compare both the shades or ask the cosmetic person to do it for you depending upon the brand you are using.

However, if you have other issues like dark circles and pigmentation, it is better to choose a shade lighter to the foundation for fulfilling the purpose.

Choosing a similar shade to your foundation can best fit your daily routine makeup look. It will blend evenly with your foundation and give you a natural, glowy look.


2. Go Lighter With Shades for Dark Circles

Lighter Shades for Dark Circles

While using a concealer to hide dark circles or pigmentation, the best is to choose one or two shades of lighter concealer to get the best effect.

It is kept a shade lighter to the foundation so that what your foundation hasn’t done for you, your concealer does.

It is especially used to hide dark circles and pigmentation around the under-eye and lips. It also provides an even base to apply other products like blush, highlighter, etc.

{Note- Another way to find the most suitable product is to do a product test on the veins of your wrist. If the concealer hides the veins and still looks natural, it’s the right match for your skin tone.}


3. Go Darker With Shades for Contouring

Darker Shades for Contouring

When the purpose of applying the concealer is contouring, you can use a shade darker concealer. A darker shade will be helpful to highlight the jawline, outer cheeks and get a pointed nose.

You can use a concealer two shades deeper than your skin tone for more effectiveness. But, make sure it looks natural and not too dark or too light.


4. Concealers for Color Correctness

Concealers can also be used as colour correctors for discolouration problems like pigmentation and redness.

For redness, you can use a green concealer as it will help to neutralize the redness caused by itchiness or blemishes.

For dark spots, you can use an orange colour concealer. For lighter skin tone, peach-hued concealer will be appropriate. It will help to hide the dark spots and blend the blemishes.


5. Choosing Concealers Based On Their Form

Liquid concealers are more likely to be used for covering breakouts and acne. This is because they pose the minimum risk of clogging pores, which is not the case with creamy concealers. They can be blended easily and do not give a cakey look.

Creamy textured concealers are more likely to cover redness and pigmentation when applied by a brush or beauty blender.

They are considered more effective for such problems as compared to liquid concealers.


6. Checking Reviews to Choose

If you find it way too difficult to choose just by looking at the shade, you can go for the reviews.

Most makeup websites have the option of checking reviews made by the customers where you can find the patch tests done by customers according to their skin tone.

These reviews also tell about the quality, quantity, and packaging of the container that can help you to know whether the product is appropriate for you or not.

You can check the ratings on a variety of websites including ours before buying the product to get the best of the lot.


7. Concealers for Highlighting

Some concealers come with natural shimmers and can be used to highlight areas like the tip of the nose, cheekbones, brow edges and chin.

These are primarily creamy concealers that blend seamlessly with the foundation to give you a naturally glowy look.



1. What is the basic rule of choosing a concealer?

The most basic or the thumb rule is to choose a concealer one or two shades lighter to your skin tone. It will help you to hide dark circles, wrinkles and dark spots.

However, you should make sure not to go too light with the concealer as it would give you an unnatural, cakey look.


2. Can I apply concealer without applying any foundation?

Yes, you can definitely apply a concealer without applying foundation when you don’t really need a heavy makeup look. The application of concealer for hiding dark spots and blemishes is best for a daily makeup look.


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Choosing the right concealer for your skin tone is not an easy task. Most of the time, what it looks like on the screen is not exactly what it looks like in reality.

Thus, it is important to look into all aspects and buy the appropriate product for you in all ways.

The tips mentioned above are some of the basic rules you should follow while buying a concealer. I hope these tips are helpful for you to choose the best concealer for your skin tone and get the best makeup look you are looking for.

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