Top 3 Dialysis Center in Dhanbad- 2024 (Update List)

The cases of kidney failure have been increasing, giving the push to dialysis centers. According to Apollo Hospitals, the demand for dialysis centers is increasing by 31% yearly. 

With the increasing demand for dialysis, the number of dialysis centers also increases, making it more challenging to find the best ones. 

Are you on the lookout for the best dialysis centers in Dhanbad near you? If yes, we got you covered! This guide will teach us how to find the best dialysis near you.

What is Dialysis

Dialysis is a life-saving treatment for people whose kidneys can no longer filter blood and remove excess fluid. It’s usually necessary when a person has less than 10 percent of normal kidney function, but it can also be used for other purposes.


Top 3 Dialysis Center in Dhanbad

NameAddressPin CodePhone NumberWebsite
NephroPlus Dialysis Centre2nd Floor, Baramuri, Bishupur, Polytechnic, Dhanbad, Jharkhand 828130, India828130+91 91350 05499
NephroPlus Dialysis & Kidney Care CentreNursing Home Pvt. Ltd, 2, Katras Rd, beside Bara Gurdwara, Bank More, Dhanbad, Jharkhand 826001, India826001+91 91211 61430
Dialysis unit Sadar HospitalKasturba Nagar, Dhanbad, Jharkhand 826001, India826001+91 90651 80208


Dialysis Center in Dhanbad


1. NephroPlus Dialysis Centre

Address: 2nd Floor, Baramuri, Bishupur, Polytechnic, Dhanbad, Jharkhand 828130, India

Phone Number: +91 91350 05499



2. NephroPlus Dialysis & Kidney Care Centre

Address: Nursing Home Pvt. Ltd, 2, Katras Rd, beside Bara Gurdwara, Bank More, Dhanbad, Jharkhand 826001, India

Phone Number: +91 91211 61430



3. Dialysis unit Sadar Hospital

Address: Kasturba Nagar, Dhanbad, Jharkhand 826001, India

Phone Number: +91 90651 80208



Choosing the best Dialysis Center in Dhanbad for you

When it comes to choosing health services, you should always be cautious. Dialysis is one such health service that you must take at recognized and recommended centers only. 

Here are a few tips to help you find the best dialysis centers! 

 1. Make a checklist

Making a checklist is the best way to shortlist and choose the best dialysis centers. If you are confused about what your checklist should contain, here are a few essential pointers that you can include in your checklist. 

 2. Types of dialysis

Hemodialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis are the two main types of dialysis. Once you know which type of dialysis you have to perform, you can check which of them have the one you want or have been prescribed. 

Some dialysis centers also offer in-home dialysis. Hence, if you prefer in-home dialysis, you can include it in the checklist. 

 3. Location

The location of the dialysis center plays an essential role in finding the best one. 

The dialysis center should not be located too far away. It should be easy and convenient for you to reach the center. Ensure that you have reliable transportations to get to the center. 

 4. Cleanliness

When taking health services like dialysis, cleanliness plays a huge role. Dialysis centers should have cleanliness and hygiene maintained at all times. Nonetheless, ensure that the dialysis center is located in a clean area. 

 5. The staff and kidney specialists

The staff and kidney specialists are the prominent people who will look after you during and after the dialysis. Hence, always check if the kidney specialists are good doctors with the required qualifications. Nonetheless, you should also check if the dialysis center’s staff is polite, humble, and helpful. 

 6. Available schedules

You should always learn about the available schedules of the dialysis centers. Ensure that the available time slot is your preferred one and does not hamper your work schedule. Thus, calling the dialysis centers and asking for the available schedules will help you choose the best one. 

 7. Pocket-Friendly 

The bottom line of choosing the best dialysis centers Is learning their charges. You should ensure that it is a pocket-friendly center that provides valuable services. 

Making a checklist based on the points mentioned above, you can call the dialysis centers and learn about them. 

 8. Take a tour of the dialysis center.

You should always tour the dialysis center before choosing it for the procedure. You can call up the dialysis center and ask if you can pay a visit to the center. 

On a tour of the dialysis center, you will learn how they conduct the procedure. Nonetheless, you can also check if their staff and doctors are co-operative during the procedure. You can check the cleanliness of the area. 

Taking a tour will also help you learn the route to the dialysis center, making it easy for the next visit. You can compare the points on your checklist too! 

Hence, you will be able to find the best dialysis centers! 

How to find the best dialysis centers in your area (Dhanbad )? 

Once you have prepared a checklist for your requirements from a dialysis center, finding the best one won’t be hard. You can shortlist the dialysis centers and compare them based on your checklist. 

Here are a few solutions that will get you a list of the best dialysis centers near you:

 1. Google it! 

Google is the most extensive search toolbox that can give you a billion results. On searching for the keywords ‘dialysis centers near me’, Google will list all the dialysis centers in your area. 

Google helps locate the dialysis centers and will tell you how far it is from your place. Additionally, you can look at the ratings and reviews by other patients and check the hours for which the dialysis center opens. You can also contact the dialysis centers using the phone number provided. 

 2. Check the list of dialysis centers covered under your health insurance 

If you have taken health insurance, the health insurance company would have provided you with a list of dialysis centers that the insurance cover. These centers are the ones where you can use your health insurance to lessen the cost of dialysis or wave it off. You can search for the dialysis centers in your area from the list. 

The health insurance company will provide you with their addresses and contact numbers. You can contact these dialysis centers or take a tour. 

 3. Ask a Doctor

Local doctors and family physicians are the best people to learn about a dialysis center. These doctors will refer you to the most well-known dialysis centers in your area. They will also tell you about the doctor doing the dialysis in that center. You can also ask for the cost of the dialysis and clear any other doubts that you may have about the dialysis center with them. 

 4. Ask your friends/relatives. 

If you have any friends or relatives that go to dialysis centers or have previously been there, ask them. They will recommend the best dialysis centers by sharing their experiences. Nonetheless, you can also ask them about the fees they charged and many such things. 

Thus, Google, doctors, friends, and relatives are the best sources to get the best dialysis centers in Dhanbad near you. 


Finding dialysis centers isn’t hard. Here is what you can do to locate and find the best dialysis centers in your area: 

  1. Prepare a checklist of your expectations from dialysis centers. 
  2. Google to find the dialysis centers, or ask doctors, your friends, or relatives. 
  3. Call the dialysis centers or visit the centers to learn their functioning. 
  4. Shortlist the dialysis centers you like, then compare them with the checklist you prepared. 

You will land the best dialysis centers after completing the above process. 

Drop a comment below and tell us your recommended dialysis center and the city it is in! 

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