Which Mattress is Good for Health?

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We all are well aware of how important it is to have a good sleep every night to be healthy. However, mattresses play an equally important role in providing us with good health.

According to NSF, around 92% of people feel a comfortable mattress helps them sleep better at night. 

Besides providing better sleep, a good mattress can also help treat several health concerns like body pain, spinal alignment, better posture, and more. But, with a wide range of mattresses available in the market, you might wonder which mattress is good for your health? 

But no more worries because in this article, I will mention all the types of mattresses that are good for health and everything you should look for while buying a mattress. 

So let’s get started!


Which Type Of Mattress Is Good For Your Health?

Mattresses help in implementing several health benefits to your body while sleeping. Therefore, it is crucial to obtain a mattress that can help provide you with the relaxation and comfort required to maintain a healthy body.

Here are some of the most beneficial mattresses that are good for health:

1. Coir Mattress:

Coir Mattress:

One of the best qualities of coir foam mattresses is that they are composed using natural fiber. Since natural springy qualities have been obtained, this mattress can support your body while sleeping.

It doesn’t contain any harmful materials and is an eco-friendly mattress. It also has anti-dust qualities, which can be great for people suffering from allergies as it prevents dust from entering the mattress, making it suitable for you.

Another beneficial quality of coir foam mattresses is being fire-resistant and anti-moth. Since the mattress allows air circulation through it makes it is an ideal choice for people in summers. 


2. Latex Foam Mattress

Latex Mattress

Latex foam mattresses can be great for your health as these mattresses are produced from rubber tree sap which helps you get closer to nature.

Latex foam mattresses are hypoallergenic; therefore, they can be suitable for people suffering from allergies to prevent the build-up of any allergens.

You must invest in a mattress that can ensure safety for your lungs by preventing any inhalation of impurities. These mattresses are also easy to maintain. Also, the materials used in latex foam mattresses are the most durable for a healthy body. 

Latex foam mattresses are appropriate for your skin, respiratory system, and overall health, making them a suitable option for your health.

They contain medium-firm density, which is configurable to lower and higher levels making it even better for use as per your requirements. A long-lasting, natural material latex foam mattress is eco-friendly.

The latex foam materials also keep the temperature neutral and don’t change the composition by varying the pressure and temperature. A 100% pure latex mattress can be highly beneficial for providing you with all the healthy benefits.


3. Orthopedic Mattress

Orthopedic Mattress

If you deal with body ache issues, then an orthopedic mattress can be perfect for you. 

Ensuring your muscles stay in shape and relieving your body pain. Orthopedic mattresses are above firmness level.

These mattresses offer extra support and firmness, which can help align your spine and correct your posture. An orthopedic mattress can spread your body weight evenly to prevent any pressure points build-up, particularly back, hips, and neck areas.

This mattress makes sure correct spinal alignment to alleviate the stress of the spine area and reduce back pain. These features of an orthopedic mattress make it one of the best mattresses for sleeping.


4. Back Support Mattress

Back Support Mattress

Back support mattress is another type of mattress that can be good for your health. Core muscles and the spine are essential parts of our body that help us stand and perform various activities in our lives.

The majority of us tend to ignore taking care of these parts of our body until we face a particular type of pain. Due to which it is essential every night when you sleep, you provide the proper support to your muscles and spine.

Back support mattresses help address this issue and provide the comfort that your body requires. This mattress makes your body afloat rather than sinking and keeps your spine neutral by providing the needed support. 


5. Memory Foam Mattress

Memory Foam Mattress

You might be pretty familiar with memory foam mattress as it has been one of the most popular mattresses in the market. It is highly known for its comfort layers, along with being an excellent pressure absorbent.

Though this might not be ideal for oversized or overweight people, memory foam mattresses are rather suitable for individuals who are slightly lighter in weight as they sink in the body entirely in the mattress.

If you face difficulty from body pain, this might be a great option to treat, relieve pain and provide good health. 

These memory foam mattresses can be significant in decreasing pressure from your joints while sleeping. It provides you with a good amount of support as it provides medium-firm comfort.

All these qualities provided by the latex foam mattress make it the best mattress for sleeping. However, the price range of memory foam mattresses can be expensive, so you need to look out in that section. 


6. Innerspring Mattresses

Innerspring Mattresses

This type of mattress provides various options in support as per your requirements as they can serve multiple functions. As per individual preference, the mattress can be either hard or soft.

Innerspring mattresses are highly used in hotels and homes worldwide due to their beneficial functions in good health. It can be a good option as it relies on your personal preferences and science as it contains a SleepID.

A SleepID is an application that helps match you with a mattress that is suitable for you according to your body. Therefore, it’s best to use this ID to know which mattress is the most compatible for you based on your body type.

It can assist you in providing a suitable mattress for you based on your age, body weight, gender, and more.

Innerspring mattresses are widely configurable as the comfort level, and overall support provided rely on the support and comfort level. 


3 Everything You Should Look For While Purchasing A Mattress

The majority of us go for different types of mattresses as we all face various concerns.

However, certain elements should be kept in mind while buying a mattress. Here are some of the things that everyone should consider while purchasing a mattress:

1. Good Comfort Level

Comfortable Mattress

One of the prime reasons why we buy a mattress in the first place is to get the excellent comfort level and support that a body requires after a long day while sleeping.

You won’t be able to get a good sleep unless your body feels comfortable and relaxed. Due to which it is vital to look for a mattress that can provide you relief when you lie down. 


2. Hypoallergenic

Hypoallergenic mattress

A hypoallergenic mattress doesn’t affect your lungs as it keeps the mites, dust, pests, and more away from your bed and surrounding, ensuring you don’t inhale any allergens.

Because even if you have a healthy body with a good immunity system but hidden dust, mites, and more can cause several respiratory issues.

Due to this, it is better to invest in a mattress that can prevent any potential health issues, like the hypoallergenic ones. 


3. Compatible With Your Body

Compatible Mattress

You must look for a mattress that is compatible with your body as poor quality or incompatible mattress can affect your sleep which can eventually affect your health.

So, while looking for a mattress, go for the ones that can encourage and improve your sleeping quality. The mattress should furnish you with good back support and high comfort level, as these features will improve the quality of your sleep.

An uncomfortable or incompatible mattress can lead to poor sleep quality and cause irregularity because an uncomfortable surface will make your body intolerable and cause sleep disorder, unhappy mood, backaches, and more. 



How to know if the mattress is correct for me? 

The most critical factor determining whether the mattress is correct for you or not is the mattress’s firmness, support, and comfort level. If the mattress does not provide these three factors, it isn’t the right mattress. 


Is it essential for the mattress to be hypoallergenic? 

It isn’t essential for everyone to obtain a hypoallergenic mattress. However, people with asthma or allergies should invest in a hypoallergenic mattress; not investing in this mattress can increase your chances of inhaling dust, mites, and various allergens. 


How long can my foam mattress last? 

Foam mattresses can usually last for around eight to ten years. It can even go on for more than ten years if they have been appropriately maintained over the years. 


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Mattresses can indirectly help you provide several health benefits, making it even more essential to purchase the right mattress.

Here we mentioned all the mattresses that can help provide you with a night of good peaceful sleep and treat several health benefits.

Utilizing a correct mattress can help change your entire sleeping environment making your morning happier and more active. 

Tell us in the comments if you face any queries regarding mattresses. 

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