5 Ways Your Mattress Could Be Negatively Affect Your Sleep

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What for you is a heavenly feeling? Let’s start with me. For me, the blessed feeling is sleeping on my bed after a long exhausting day and not kidding. Believe me! There is nothing best than a good and comfortable sleep on your mattress.

But what if we tell you that your mattress could be negatively impacting your sleep in many ways. The goal to sleep well at night and wake up in the morning fresh could get destroyed by a mattress. But how?

Well, you are at the right place! Here are the various ways in which your mattress can affect your sleep and health.


How Your Mattress Can Affect Your sleep?

When we have a terrible sleep, we often think that it is our fault somehow or another. However, your mattress plays an essential role in your sleep. And as sleep is directly connected to your health; it further affects your health in the following ways:

1. You may be allergic to your mattress.

allergic to your mattress

What? How a person could be allergic to a bed or mattress. Well, not mattress but dust mites—for sure! Have you ever heard of dust mites?

According to Mayo Clinic, dust mites are microscopic creatures related to spiders living in humid climates and feeding themselves with the dead human skin found in the household dust.

If you are allergic to dust mites, then your body is sensitive towards their decaying bodies. Therefore, whenever your body contacts the debris, it can lead to cold, sneezing, coughing, and irritation while sleeping.

It can be dangerous in case of asthma as it can trigger the symptoms like breath shortness. So, if your body is too sensitive for dust mites, it can cause restless nights with allergies symptoms.

So, what can we do?

  • Well, start with washing your pillows and bedsheets in warm water more often.
  • Also, make sure to vacuum your mattress and place it in sunlight frequently.
  • You can buy an allergy-proof cover for your mattress.


2. An unsupportive mattress can cause Severe Back Pain.

unsupportive mattress can cause Severe Back Pain

A mattress that supports our overall body, especially spines, is what we all need! Our spines have natural curves that our bed must support. If our bed is not structured correctly with the spine alignment, it can lead to discomfort, back pain, joint pain, and so on.

But how does one know that the mattress is causing pain in the body?

Well, one way to test it is to only wake up in the morning; if you are sore or feel pain every morning, it is a sign to change your mattress.

While buying the best mattress in India, make sure that your bed supports the spine alignment. We suggest you take a test drive of the mattress for a few minutes before buying it. Another suggestion is to make sure that the mattress is softer towards the foot and head and firmer in the middle.


3. An Old Mattress Increases Stress Level

Old Mattress Increases Stress Level

Stress levels can increase due to numerous problems, such as it could be job problems or money problems. But can an old mattress increase stress levels?

A study has compared the stress level in a group of people sleeping on the old mattress and then on a new bed. A group of people was asked to sleep on the old mattress for one month. Then the same group of people has to sleep on a new mattress.

On a new mattress, the stress level dropped significantly. Scientifically, old mattresses cause body pain and irritability that increases the cortisol level in our body, which further leads to a rise in stress.


4. The firmness of Mattress—A Debate

firmness of Mattress

Firmness is a very crucial part of any mattress that must be suitable for you. On the one hand, a too-soft mattress can sink your body and cause you discomfort while sleeping; on the other hand, a too firm mattress can cause neck, shoulders, and joint pain.

So, we suggest you go for a medium-firm mattress that has a perfect balance of support and alignment.

There is no standardized definition of what makes a mattress soft and firm. It depends on the weight of a person. For instance, an overweight person may describe a mattress as soft, but an average weighted person may tell the same mattress a bit firm.

Therefore, you are the one who decides which mattress is best for you—too soft, medium-firm, or too firm. You better take a test drive of a bed before making any decision.


5. An Old Mattress Can Promote Snoring

Old Mattress Can Promote Snoring

Snoring is not uncommon at all! We all snore—some regular, some irregular; but can your mattress cause snoring? Indeed, yes.

An old or uncomfortable mattress that does not support you while sleeping can cause tension to airways and snore. And snoring can negatively impact the sleep of the snorer as well as others near them.

One more thing that we all take snoring not seriously, but it can be fatal. But don’t worry, it happens rarely!

As mentioned above, all of the mattress issues can cause interrupted sleep, rise in stress level, constantly being tired, and affect your performance while doing any work.



We all need at least 8 hours of sleep for a fresh and energetic morning, like movies. But for that kind of sleep, our mattress needs to be comfortable and supportive; as we know, the bed could negatively impact our sleep in many ways.

So, overall, we should not avoid mattresses when it comes to our disturbance in sleep routine, morning body pain, or snoring. There could be many factors, but the mattress is one of the main!

That’s all for today, guys! How does your mattress affect your sleep and health? Let us know in the comments.

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