Are Blood Pressure Monitors Accurate? How to Know

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There is always a solution to a question, and here the question was how we should manage the blood sugar or glucose levels? The answer was easy, and we chose these blood pressure monitors or Glucometers that could measure to resolve our issues. But there are different approaches to get these Glucometers to work accurately. Are they?

Through this article, we will discuss and guide you across all the possibilities and reasons why these blood pressure monitors can be inaccurate & how you can resolve these issues to rely on Glucometers entirely. There can be the situation of you attaining the incorrect readings while using these Blood Pressure Monitors & this can article will inform you well.


Blood Pressure Monitors | An Overview

Blood Pressure Monitors

Whatever the reason it is, Blood Pressure Monitors are easy to use & handy when it comes to measuring your blood sugar levels. There are specific ways where you can get an accurate reading until you follow them. There are two types of Blood pressure monitors which have each of their advantages and benefits.

We’ll explore and see whether they are found to be accurate monitors or just playing with your readings. When it comes to the causes, several health issues need to be informed about beforehand. The Blood Pressure Monitors are the best to handle them. These are the two types:

  • Manual Blood Pressure Monitor (Arm & Wrist Cuff)
  • Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor (Arm & Wrist Cuff)

We’ll start and analyse, observe and decide which one of the defined Blood pressure monitors is accurate or not. Let’ head into our research.


Use of Home Blood Pressure Monitor

Use of Home Blood Pressure Monitor

To work things out with our health issues & lower hypertension within ourselves, AHA recommended is to increase the use of Blood Pressure Monitors. There are many specific reasons why you require a Home Glucometer. Let’s look at some of the few use of Home Blood Pressure Monitor.

  1. There are fewer visits to your doctor you may experience while you are at home & helping yourself with early diagnosis. This can make you stay away from all the diseases like diabetes or heart problems.
  2. Monitoring and tracking your blood pressure can be an effective use at home with daily usage of a Blood Pressure monitor & there will be a low-cost option for you when you are heading to your doctor so he can suggest you with the treatments and medications.
  3. It is cost-efficient & can save more of your pocket’s money & at home you can monitor your actual blood pressure because there might be a possibility that you get hypertension while going for a checkup to a doctor, it happens.

Even if these uses look like they benefit you, but one should not be very confident of the accuracy part. Experts say that there are advantages of using a wrist cuff home blood pressure monitor, but it has many limitations. Let’s look at what these limitations can be problematic for you.


Limitations of Blood Pressure Monitors

Limitations of Blood Pressure Monitors

A Canadian study suggests that there might be several benefits that can give you an advantage, but most of the time, these inaccurate measures leave you with nothing. The research says that there weren’t accurate measurements 70% of the time, and it differs by approximately 10mm Hg, which is a huge difference.

Some other limitations which make these particular types of automatic wrist cuff blood monitors inaccurate are:

  • There is a lack of nocturnal readings from the device, which can confuse you and develop hypertension.
  • Automatic Blood Monitors with cuff variants can only affect accuracy on a larger scale.
  • There can be a significant risk of treatment on measuring with this cuff-based automatic BPM without the doctor’s approval.

Here we come to the point that, Blood Pressure Monitors are wildly inaccurate in Cuff-based automatic ones. They can put a patient’s health at risk & induce hypertension or anxiety. There could be a possibility of incorrect with excessive measurement too.


Are Blood Pressure Monitors Accurate?

Somewhat no, most of these monitors show inaccurate readings with unpredictable errors. During a study in 2007, around 114 patients were gone under these Blood Pressure monitors as they offer a high number of incorrect results with a vast difference of 5-10mm Hg.

But, this doesn’t mean all of them are inaccurate; a few arm-based blood pressure monitors are much more accurate than the others. The arm-based cuff shows clear signs on the monitor.

Even the AHA (American Heart Association) doesn’t recommend you to use the wrist-based cuff Glucometers. Thus, we prefer you to use the arm-based cuff manual Glucometers or even automatic. This can be reduced to 5% of inaccurate measurement in the arm-based cuff blood pressure monitors.


Comparison of Arm Based Cuff BPM and Wrist Based Cuff BPM

After discussing all the limitations that a Blood pressure monitor can possess, here we need to mention these two cuff-based Glucometers. This will allow you to differentiate one from the other & will give you a bigger picture of how Blood Pressure Monitors are ineffective.

Arm Based Cuff BPM

Arm Based Cuff BPMProsCons
AccuracyArm-based cuff Glucometers are very accurate as their perfect, due to their natural resting same as the heart.Yes, they are very accurate with respect to wrist-based cuff BPM but they are very heavy to use at all times.
CostEven though it’s a little bit expensive, this will give you the best Glucometer experience.Little Expensive
MethodPlace it on your arm without even moving it.Due to its big setup, you will be needing at least one more person with you to test it out.
TypeProfessionalIt has a Limited cuff size.
ConclusionI feel that these types of monitors can be effective and show improvements.This won’t be much handy for you to use on a daily basis.


Wrist Based Cuff BPM

Wrist Based Cuff BPMProsCons
AccuracyAlthough they might not be best for accurate measurements, they do sure are very portable and handy.Wrist Based Cuff Glucometers are less accurate due to their mobility restrictions, and inaccurate readings occur.
CostIt’s Cheap so you can afford it.Cheap at Price
MethodThey have an upper hand with great technological support.Place it on your wrist; for that, you need to move and keep it straight.
TypeThey are local, & can be treated as very easy-to-use Glucometers.Non-Professional
ConclusionIf you are looking for a Glucometer that can be used during travel, then this might be the one you are looking forI think that no matter how many times you try out with it, this can generate hypertension.


The Final Verdict

The Bottom lIne to the discussion of how accurate this Blood Pressure Monitor sounds to us is that some of these Glucometers can show wildly inaccurate readings & others won’t. You need to get all the information on how these Glucometers test and what type they reside. Then only you will be sure of your choice and of the readings which you measure on it.

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