What Is A Mattress Made Of?

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Mattress plays such a huge part in providing a peaceful sleep at night; most of us can’t even imagine sleeping without a mattress. According to Statista and BrandonGaille, 35.9 million mattresses gets sold annually in the US itself.

Buying a perfect mattress can be difficult for most people as everyone wants to pick the one most suitable for them, not just in looks but also in materials.

However, most of us might have no clue about the things used for making a mattress and wonder what is inside a mattress and what they are made of? If you deal with this query as well, then no worries.

This article will explain all the components used in a mattress, along with their types.


What Are Mattresses Made Of? 

Mattresses are made of several materials such as cottonfoam rubberstraw, a framework of metal springs, and more.

The type of foam used in mattresses has a lot to do with the materials used. Like you would find different components used in making memory foam mattresses compared to hybrid or innerspring.


Common Materials In All Mattresses

You might find tons of different materials and elements added in mattresses as per the manufacturers. Most branded mattress contains other materials or substances added to provide extra comfort or pain relief. 

However, some materials remain common in all mattresses regardless of the manufacturer or company. Here are some of the common materials found in mattresses:

1. Steel Coils

Mattress Steel Coils

The mattress needs to have a strong base, and steel coils are used to support the mattress. Steels coils work as the critical component that provides a core to the mattress. 

Usually, these steel coils can be wrapped individually, known as pocketed coils, or formed as open formats.


2. Wool


In most mattresses, you might use wool as it helps in providing extra padding, which can help make the mattress soft and comfortable to lay on. Sometimes, wool helps in temperature regulation.


3. Cotton


Cotton works as a breathable material, highly used in mattresses in both inside and outside areas.


4. Batting


Batting refers to the filling commonly made from polyester. Manufacturers obtained these filling in mattresses covers along with several pillow-top mattresses.


5. Foam


One of the essential materials found in mattresses, foam, is a soft component that helps relieve pressure points and temperature regulation. Some of the most common foam types are Polyurethane foam, gel foam, memory foam, and more.


6. Adhesive


Adhesives are used in mattresses to bond several mattress components, such as bringing the seams, layers, and other materials together to provide an ideal fit.

In combination with adhesives, quilting can also be used, which helps further strengthen the bond between the mattress layers.


7. Flame Retardants

There is a flammability law in the US for every mattress to have a flame retardant for fire resistance.


Materials Used In Different Types Of Mattresses

Now that we have talked about the most common materials used in mattresses let’s look into what elements are used in some of the most popular mattresses.

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses are made of polyurethane materials and lush layers of memory foam, and it helps in providing conform to your body and making it relax.

Another great feature of a memory foam mattress is molding into your body; this helps provide relief to the pressure point areas and balances the body temperature. 

Memory foam is also great for absorbing motion, which allows you to sleep without any motion disturbance.


Innerspring Mattress

Innerspring Mattresses

The innerspring mattress includes both open coil and individually pocket springs. Usually, the quilting is produced from cotton fabric that gets a blend that provides a different look.

The steel coil helps provide that strong base support to the mattress. These coils play a significant role in offering comfort and decreasing the transfer of motion.


Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid Mattress

A hybrid mattress contains a 50/50 ratio of wrapped coils along with memory foam. These coils offer an excellent support level to your back, while memory foam provides to regulate your body temperature and support your posture.

The hybrid mattress can provide you with the best of both, accommodating you to a comfortable and peaceful sleep at night.



1. When should I replace my mattress? 

Usually an after eight to ten years, you should consider replacing your mattress. However, if you feel your mattress is still in good condition, you can use it for a few more years.


2. Which mattress is considered best for back pain issues? 

Memory foam or orthopedic mattress might be great for treating back pain issues, as they support your back and provide maximum comfort to relieve the pain.


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A mattress is crucial for providing a comfortable sleep and proper support and posture to our body. Getting the correct mattress will help you feel refreshed every morning.

Here we have mentioned all the things used for making a mattress and the frequent elements found in all mattresses.

If you have any doubts about mattresses, then tell us in the comments

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