10 Best Biotin Tablets In India 2024

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Biotin tablets are all over the place, and for good reasons. Biotin is a B vitamin recommended for skin, nail, and hair health. According to a school of thought, biotin deficiency can prompt thinning of hair. Therefore some individuals claim to consume biotin supplements to nourish, thicken, and stimulate healthy growth of the hairs.

However, the concern is the huge demand and availability of tons of different biotin supplements in the market. Segregating each product can be overwhelming and a bit time-consuming. Hence we took the liberty to do the hard work for you and aggregate these ten best biotin tablets in India.

We have also mentioned a buyer’s guide to steer you in the right direction while navigating the biotin supplement aisle.

So without wasting more time, let’s get started!

Best Biotin in India for Hair and Skin (2024)

Choosing a biotin supplement is not an easy task; you will have to deal with tons of different options and compare them, and later review them according to their prices, effectiveness, ingredients, naturality, potency, and many more. Don’t worry. We have done the challenging part with our healthcare team. So you can pick one without any second-guessing.

Carbamide Forte Biotin 10000 mcg with Multivitamin, Keratin & Bamboo Extract Tablets

Carbamide Forte Biotin 10000 mcg with Multivitamin, Keratin & Bamboo Extract Tablets

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  • Biotin Strength: 10,000 mcg
  • Supplement Form: Tablets
  • Overall Score: 4.9/5

Carbamide Forte has been one of the leading companies offering health tablets for years. The company provides potent and effective products beloved by many, from multivitamin supplements, bone & joint supplements to immunity, energy, sleep, workout, hair, nail, and skin supplements.

Talking about the product, this Biotin supplement does exactly what it is supposed to do, meaning nourish and strengthen your hair. It additionally increases the hair volume, supports faster growth, and strengthens the hair from the roots which makes it the best biotin for hair growth.

While testing the product out, the good thing we loved about this biotin supplement is the addition of other beneficial ingredients like Keratin, Amino acids, and Hyaluronic acid. The included Keratin helps in repairing the hair damage while reducing overall dryness.

The amino acids aid in the production of keratin, while the hyaluronic acid helps our hair grow thicker and more vital. Another great thing about this product is the extract of bamboo and neem, which prevents hair thinning, dandruff, and enhances the healthy growth of hairs.

Besides that, aloe vera and vitamin A, C, and E promote healthy skin and provide the glow and radiant look your skin needs. Along with that, it also contains grape seed extract that provides the extra shine and lustre that your hairs need.

Each tablet of Carbamide Forte biotin supplement offers 10,000 mcg of biotin, 40 mg of vitamin C, 2000 mcg of hyaluronic acid, 20 mg of bamboo extract, 25 mg of keratin, 5 mg of piperine extract, and other ingredients as well.

The supplement is excellent and provides firmer, shinier, and longer hair while also supporting skin and nails. All the products from Carbamide Forte are certified by FSSAI, ISO, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practises), and GLP (Good Laboratory Practises).

Overall, our experience using the product was smooth, and we did experience some results within five weeks of using this supplement. The supplement is free from paraben and harmful chemicals, additives, fillers, and binders, so it is safe to use and consume.


  • Max strength and potency
  • 50 ingredients with multivitamins
  • Complete hair, skin, and nail supplement
  • Boost energy, immunity, and vitality


  • Honestly, we did not find any flaw in using this product


  • Keratin, Hyaluronic Acid, and Amino Acid
  • Aloe Vera and Bamboo Extract
  • Multivitamins for better hair and skin health
  • Shiny, Lustrous hair and nail strength
  • Potent and effective


OZiva Plant Based Biotin 10000+ mcg

OZiva Plant Based Biotin 10000+ mcg

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  • Biotin Strength: 10,000 mcg
  • Supplement Form: Powder
  • Overall Score: 4.9/5

If you are more like a natural person who loves to go for organic and safe products, then this OZiva Plant Based Biotin supplement can prove to be your one-way ticket to a healthy lifestyle. OZiva is a known company renowned for its quality, effectiveness, and safe products. The company is India’s first whole food biotin that is derived from biotin-rich leaves.

What makes this biotin supplement better and effective than hundreds of other biotin supplements in the market is the organic and potent ingredients that come with it. Plus, it is in powder form that makes it easy to consume without any hassles.

The potency of the product is backed by the 10,000 mcg of biotin a scoop of OZiva offers. Since it is a natural product, it is free from gluten, soy, GMO, artificial sweeteners, fillers, additives, and binders.

During our test, we found out that this powder form of biotin supplement is easily and readily absorbed by our body cells, providing an instant energy boost. The supplement keeps the hair thick and shiny while reducing damage, dandruff, and thinning. It also offers many benefits to the skin and nails.

One of the best things about this product we loved the most is the inclusion of different ingredients like Amala extract. Amla is necessary for healthy hair growth. It effectively strengthens the hair and scalp while reducing greying and premature pigment loss from hair. It stimulates hair growth, forestalls dandruff and infections like lice infection.

Another great thing and one thing that sets this one apart from the others is the included 100% natural sesbania agati which is rich in biotin and promotes healthy growth of the skin and hair while also nourishing them. Additionally, it also contains bamboo shoots known for their scalp-soothing properties, strengthening the hair follicles and promoting thicker mane.

Lastly, it also contains pomegranate, a potent antioxidant that keeps the skin more shiny and radiant. Overall, the aggregation of all unique yet beneficial ingredients is what makes this product excellent for our hair, skin, and nail health.


  • Natural and organic
  • Ten unique ingredients
  • Safe and effective
  • Powder form


  • It contains a tad bit of sodium


  • It provides 10,000 mcg of biotin in powder extract
  • Promotes healthy and natural growth of hair and skin
  • Natural plant-based biotin
  • Free from harmful chemicals, additives, or preservatives


HealthKart HK Vitals Biotin 10000mcg Tablets

HealthKart HK Vitals Biotin 10000mcg Tablets

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  • Biotin Strength: 10,000 mcg
  • Supplement Form: Tablets
  • Overall Score: 4.8/5

The next on our list of the best biotin supplements is the HealthKart (HK) biotin tablets. HK is a company reputed in India for delivering quality healthcare products for many years. The company not only shares a rich history with India but also a good base with its satisfied customers across the country.

As for this supplement, it comes in tablet form and contains 10,000 mcg of biotin, making it potent and effective. The HK Vitals Biotin tablets offer complete nourishment for the skin, hair, and nails.

The HK biotin tablets are explicitly crafted to control the biotin levels in the body while ensuring the concert of food into energy and maintaining the healthy growth and shine of skin, hair, and nails.

While using the product, we realised that this supplement enhances the keratin production in the body to ensure that hair growth, shine, and strength remains intact. It also improves and enhances the volume of the hair.

Besides that, the HK biotin tablet also assists in extenuating the brittleness of the nails and maintaining their shine while strengthening them up. It also helps in the formation of the necessary fatty acids that are imperative for healthy, glowing, and nourished skin.

The power of 10,000 mcg can be experienced with the boost of energy we felt while consuming it as the biotin included in the tablet is necessary for energy production in our body. The biotin supplement comes in good packaging that ensures an airtight fit.

The products are manufactured in a facility that adheres to Current Good Manufacturing Practices. Overall, it is a fantastic supplement that is safe to use.


  • Potent and effective
  • 10,000 mcg biotin
  • Easy to swallow tablets
  • Excellent for skin, hair, and nails


  • It contains artificial colour


  • Boost hair shine and growth
  • Enhances strength and shine
  • Adds volume to hair
  • Promotes thickness


New Follihair Tablet for Hair Growth

New Follihair Tablet for Hair Growth

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  • Biotin Strength: 10,000 mcg
  • Supplement Form: Tablets
  • Overall Score: 4.7/5

Coming up next is the New Follihair tablet explicitly manufactured for hair growth and shine. Follihair is an acknowledged company for its quality products and has years of experience in the industry for delivering top-notch supplements. And this biotin tablet from Follihair is the best biotin for hair growth.

The tablet contains vitamins, minerals, nutrients, amino acids, and other necessary ingredients that promote the healthy growth of hairs and maintain glowing skin and a radiant look. The company has manufactured this biotin supplement to ensure that it effectively regulates the biotin levels in the body.

As per our test, the biotin supplement from Follihair contains crucial vitamins and amino acids that are essential for healthy skin and hair. It also contains grape seed extract, which is one of the best ingredients they have used in this fantastic product.

Grape seed extracts help to moisturise the hairs while enhancing the shine and growth. It has the ability to augment the softness, silkiness, and brilliance of your hair. Grape seed extract additionally protects the hair from heat through dryer or ironing.

We did not find any case of adverse side effects from this bottle, albeit it is not totally natural. That said, the safety and effectiveness of the product are backed by the certification of GMP.

Not only that, but the included vitamins and minerals help to boost energy, vitality, and immunity, thereby ensuring better overall health making it more effective and reliable.


  • Multivitamin supplement
  • 10,000 mcg of potent biotin
  • Safe and effective to use
  • GMP certified


  • Tablets are a bit hard to swallow


  • The tablet contains necessary vitamins, minerals, and amino acids
  • It has the extract of grape seed
  • It supports the healthy growth of hair, nails, and skin
  • The supplement is tested and safe to use


Now Foods Biotin 10mg Capsules

Now Foods Biotin 10mg Capsules

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  • Biotin Strength: 10,000 mcg
  • Supplement Form: Capsules
  • Overall Score: 4.7/5

Now Foods is a company well-known in India, and thus it makes sense to be on our list. The company is based in the USA and manufactures products with rigorous quality and safety checks, so there should be no concern for safety.

The biotin capsules from Now Foods act as a critical element in the regulation of gluconeogenesis, some amino acids, and fatty acid synthesis. Besides that, it effectively boosts energy production in the body while supporting immunity.

While testing the Now Foods biotin supplement, we found that it also enhances the synthesis of specific proteins in our body. Since it contains a rich extract of biotin, it promotes better and healthy function and growth of the body, hair, and skin.

One thing we loved the most about the product is that it supports amino acid metabolism, which yields better oxoacids and ultimately helps in achieving better results for skin, hair, and nails. Besides that, the Now Foods biotin supplement also promotes natural and strong immune functioning for better health.

You get about 120 veg capsules which are free from wheat, gluten, egg, fish, soy, milk, corn, shellfish, and tree nut ingredients. The product contains pure and potent 10 mg of biotin and is free from fillers or additives, making it safe and effective.

The capsules are of adequate size and thus easy to swallow. This biotin supplement is manufactured in a GMP certified facility that ensures the quality and safety of the product.


  • Potent and effective
  • Safe and easy to consume
  • Supports healthy growth of hairs
  • Boosts energy production


  • A little bit costly


  • 10,000 mcg strong biotin
  • It contains the only biotin
  • Free from fillers and other harmful and redundant additives
  • Promotes immune function


GNC Biotin 10,000 mcg Tablets

GNC Biotin 10,000 mcg Tablets

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  • Biotin Strength: 10,000 mcg
  • Supplement Form: Tablets
  • Overall Score: 4.6/5

For those with biotin deficiency, these GNC biotin tablets are your ideal supplement to boost your keratin production and hence improve your hair growth, skin’s shine, and the health of your nails.

The GNC biotin tablet works on the strength of our hairs and transforms the thinning and breakage-prone strands. Conveying similar sustenance and fix to your skin and nails, this first-class supplement additionally supports your mood and increments the body’s energy levels by improving its capacity to metabolise nutrients.

Each serving of GNC biotin tablet provides 10 mg of biotin along with 0.639 kcal of energy. The tablet supports the healthy growth of hair and nails while offering the look and shine your skin needs.

We loved how the biotin supplement is packed in an easy to swallow capsule and arrives in a classic bottle during our test. The supplement provides necessary amounts of biotin to replace weak hair, flaky skin, and brittle nails.

Consuming the tablet is easy and can be taken once a day or as per your doc. The product is manufactured with utmost care and safety check, while it is also GMP certified, making it practical and safe to consume

Overall, the tablet is good, and our experience using it was not bad. We did see results after using it for five weeks, so there’s that.


  • 10,000 mcg of biotin
  • Supports the healthy growth of skin, hair, and nails
  • GMP certified and safe
  • Free from harmful chemicals or binders


  • It contains counterfeit food colours


  • Boosts energy production
  • Addresses the symptoms of biotin deficiency
  • Each serving offers 10 mg of biotin
  • Enhances the growth and shine of skin, hair, and nails


Healthvit Biotino 10000 mcg Biotin Tablets

Healthvit Biotino 10000 mcg Biotin Tablets

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  • Biotin Strength: 10,000 mcg
  • Supplement Form: Tablets
  • Overall Score: 4.6/5

Loaded with 10,000 mcg of biotin, the Healthvit Biotino tablet strengthens, repairs, and protects the soundness of our delicate hair, nails, and skin by providing a powerful dose of B vitamin to guarantee their ideal wellbeing.

The Biotino supports the healthy production of energy in the body as it assumes a significant part in its capacity to utilise protein, carbs and fats productively. Additionally, the supplement also upholds the activity of enzymes that influence the skin and intestinal tract. It helps for vigorous hair, gleaming skin and solid nails. It advances hair development and forestalls balding.

The supplement supports the breakdown of unsaturated fats into energy for the body and maintains skin, hair, and nail health. It also helps to bring back damaged hair to life thanks to its potent biotin.

While trying the supplement out, we loved how it helped with carbs, protein, and fat metabolism, ensuring better weight management and healthy digestion. The supplement also restores radiance for smooth and healthy skin while reducing the brittleness of the nails.

It is also effective in thinning the hair and loss of hair colour. The tablets are safe and effective while also tested and certified. You get 60 tablets at an attractive price, wherewith each serving, you get 10 mg of biotin.


  • Strong and effective supplement
  • It comes with an attractive price tag
  • Promotes stronger hair, nails, and skin
  • Boost metabolism and energy


  • Pills are a bit hard to gulp


  • Maintains healthy skin, nails, and hair
  • Supports energy metabolism
  • Prevents thinning of the hair and hair colour loss
  • Strengthen brittle nails


Bodywise 5000 mcg Biotin Hair Gummies For Women

Bodywise 5000 mcg Biotin Hair Gummies For Women

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  • Biotin Strength: 5000 mcg
  • Supplement Form: Gummies
  • Overall Score: 4.7/5

The next biotin supplement on our list is specifically for women, especially those who love the taste and are not fans of swallowing pills. The Bodywise biotin gummies for women offer the perfect blend of flavor, healthy vitamins, and minerals to keep the health intact.

It offers biotin as much as five eggs can offer. The gummies are delicious and are free from any filler, additives, sugar, or binders. They are explicitly crafted for women to ensure better and healthy growth of the hair.

One of the best things about this product and the thing that separates this one from other competitors is the ingredients that the company has used to make this potent bottle of biotin supplement.

It contains Vitamin A that helps to reduce hair fall, and increases shine. The Bodywise gummy also provides vitamin C that forestalls hair colour loss and prevents hair ageing. The included vitamin E boosts the texture of the hair and reduces oxidative stress.

Not just that, but it also contains zinc that helps to repair the hair cells faster and quicker so that you can replace those damaged hairs quickly. There are many hair fall reasons in women, and it can be because of childbirth, stress, malnutrition, PCOS, and so forth. However, this gummy from Bodywise tends to address all those concerns effectively and provide promising results.

Overall, the taste and effectiveness of the gummy are undeniable, just as the potent ingredients that come along with it. The product is 100% veg and contains no sugar or preservatives. It has no side effects and has been crafted by top dermatologists with science-backed ingredients.


  • Safe and effective
  • Gummies with delicious flavor
  • No preservatives or sugar
  • Minerals and vitamins


  • 5000 mcg of biotin


  • It contains minerals and vitamins for healthy hair
  • Repairs the cell and tissues
  • 100% veg and safe gummies
  • Sugarless and scrumptious


Man Matters 5000mcg Biotin Hair Gummies


Man Matters 5000mcg Biotin Hair GummiesBuy Now On Amazon

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  • Biotin Strength: 5000 mcg
  • Supplement Form: Gummies
  • Overall Score: 4.7/5

If we can mention gummies for women, leaving men would be just unfair, and therefore, here is the Man Matters biotin gummies. Man Matters Biotin Gummies are defined with 5000 mcg of unadulterated, effectively absorbable Biotin that is wealthy in unsaturated fats and potent antioxidant agents that give your hair the proper nourishment.

While trying the gummies, we realised that it promotes faster and suitable absorption of the nutrients bringing about further developed health of your hair. These delicious gummies from Man Matters offer an exciting mix of Biotin that helps maintain hair health.

While other ingredients like Zinc that fixes hair tissue. Besides that, vitamin E decreases oxidative stress, and vitamin A reduces the breaking of hairs while vitamin C forestalls ageing and hair colour loss.

The chewy candies are strawberry flavored, which we loved. It was evaluated as the number one decision in the taste trials we directed. So bid farewell to exhausting biotin pills and pick this delicious gummy if you want the taste above everything else while don’t wanting to compromise on health either.

The product supports healthier, shiner, and thicker hair. It contains biotin as many as twenty eggs, which is huge and crazy. Additionally, it has vitamin E as about twenty almonds, vitamin C as about ½ orange, and vitamin A as much as ½ cup carrots. It contains zinc as much as twenty cashews.

One of the leading causes of hair fall is the lack of nutrition, and it is more accurate than ever for vegetarians. Therefore, these gummies from Man Matters are 100% veg and safe to consume while providing the daily requirement of different vitamins and nutrients.


  • 100% vegan and safe
  • Biotin tasty gummies
  • Multivitamins and minerals
  • Super gummy that meets daily vitamin requirement


  • 5000 mcg of biotin


  • The gummies offer thicker, healthier, and shinier hair
  • Co-created with dermatologist
  • Biotin, vitamin A, E, C, and zinc
  • Potent and effective


Satthwa Biotin With Zinc For Hair

Satthwa Biotin With Zinc For Hair

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  • Biotin Strength: 30 mcg
  • Supplement Form: Capsules
  • Overall Score: 4.6/5

Last but not least, the biotin supplement on our list is from Satthwa — a leading company in India, known for its quality product and years of experience. And these years of experience is what led it to occupy the last spot on our list of the best.

The Satthwa is made with 30 mcg of biotin and features 90 easy to swallow capsules that ensure the highest absorption and nutriment of the skin, hair, and nails. Additionally, it also promotes the healthy metabolism of glucose, synthesis of fatty acid, and functioning of the nervous system.

The capsule is recommended for both men and women and should be taken once a day without exceeding the recommended daily usage. The supplement helps to maintain the skin, hair, and nail health while providing the necessary nourishment to them to thrive and flourish.

The Satthwa biotin also comes with zinc which is beneficial for hair loss and hair related problems. Zinc plays an imperative role in the growth of the hair and repairing while also enhancing hair tissue growth.

Besides that, many studies have proven and it is typical for hair loss to occur if someone is facing zinc deficiency. Therefore, this supplement from Satthwa addresses that concern very well and effectively. Zinc can even slow down and reverse male pattern hair loss, so there’s that.

Be that as it may, the product is 100% veg and safe to use and consume. It is produced in a facility that is certified by GMP, and the supplement is approved by the FDA as well as HACCP, so there is no concern for the safety and efficacy of the biotin supplement.


  • Potent and effective supplement
  • Excellent for hair, nail, and skin health
  • It comes with the goodness of zinc
  • Certified and trusted


  • 30 mcg of biotin


  • Potent and rich in vitamin B7
  • It contains zinc sulphate for better hair health
  • Gluten and preservative-free
  • Vegetable capsule
  • FDA and HACCP approved


What is Biotin?

Biotin is a type of vitamin, specifically the B one, that helps our body to cut down carbs, proteins, and fats. This B vitamin is primarily found in different foods and supplements.

Biotin has been utilised in elective medication as a viable, practical guide in treating or forestalling biotin inadequacy. Biotin deficiency can be brought about by rapid weight loss, malnutrition, and other medical ailments.

Biotin is a good supplement for treating your skin, nail, and hair problems. However, it is not proven that biotin is effective in mending any medical condition.


How Do I Choose the Best Biotin Supplement?

Since many biotin supplements are out there, selecting the right, let alone best, becomes an arduous task. There are some factors you should keep in your mind while choosing a biotin supplement for yourself. These factors are as follows:


A biotin supplement’s measurement shifts depending upon the maker. Biotin accompanies a somewhat little suggested day by day portion, just 30 mcg or 0.03 mg. In research, higher groupings of biotin, like 10,000 mcg or 10 mg, are related to an augmentation in hair development.

Biotin, when taken in excess, doesn’t cause physical harm. Therefore, it is safe to consume the doses even though it is far beyond the recommended everyday consumption.

Generally, biotin supplements are available in the ranges of 2,500 mg to 10,000 mg. The ones that offer less than 2,500 mg are yet helpful, albeit you’ll have to consume more each day in case you’re consuming it for nails and hair.



Biotin supplements are available in different forms such as gummy, capsule, liquid, and pill. There is no question that chewy candies are almost effortless to utilise. However, tablets are unquestionably more famous. The biotin pills are frequently large, particularly those containing 10,000 mcg for every pill. In situations where it is hard for you to swallow capsules, check the pill size prior to purchasing.



More individuals are looking for organic, GMO-free, vegan, all-natural, and vegetarian labels as they become mindful of the adverse effects of additives and chemicals. Generally, additives like gelatin are frequently gotten from animal sources.

That said, plant-based options are accessible like pectin. Some supplements focus on these concerns explicitly. Typically, supplements containing synthetic or animal ingredients are cheaper than the ones without them.

At the end of the day, you want to get the biotin supplements free from noxious chemicals, additives, and natural.


Fillers and Binders

Generally, when it comes to supplements, the fewer ingredients, the better it is. Foods and supplements can include many ingredients counting binders, fillers, and additives. You should avoid the biotin supplement with such fillers and binders. Keep an eye out for plant-based and organic supplements.



Not to sound like captain obvious, but you should look for the biotin supplements certified from organisations like USP, FSSAI, FDA, ISO, and so forth. Though these certifications will not guarantee the product’s efficacy, they will for sure provide you with the necessary trust and reliability you need from the brand and its product.


Benefits of Biotin:

Biotin is an essential nutrient, and our body needs this macronutrient to work appropriately. Generally, the biotin we consume from foods convert carbs, protein, and fats into energy.

Consuming a biotin supplement is feasible for curing biotin insufficiency. In any case, some biotin supplements guarantee to have extra medical advantages that are not upheld by logical proof.

There are many health benefits associated with taking biotin, and some of the best ones are articulated as follows:

1. Hair Growth

Generally, the most common sign of biotin insufficiency is hair loss. A handful of studies point that biotin can reverse hair loss and lead to healthier hairs. One of the significant advantages is stimulating the regrowth of healthy hairs.


2. Treats Broken Nails

Biotin has been displayed to develop nail strength and wellbeing further. A few examinations have tracked down that taking a 2.5-milligram supplement every day for a half year expanded nail thickness by 25%. For individuals with weak fingernails, a day by day portion of biotin can decrease splitting and breaking.


3. Glowing Skin

Biotin helps in controlling the mucous membrane of our skins. Generally, when people suffer from a biotin deficiency, they deal with scaly and red rashes, which is one of the symptoms. Furthermore, biotin plays an imperative role in processing the metabolising fat, which is crucial for supporting healthy skin.


4. Besides that

Some proof has shown that the biotin supplement can assist with bringing down glucose in patients dealing with type 2 diabetes. Other than solid hair, skin, and nails, biotin assumes a part in glucose regulation. Biotin is also significant for pregnant ladies to forestall congenital disabilities and keep up with the mother’s strength.


How to Consume Biotin?

You can consume biotin from your diet through foods that are rich in that nutrient. A biotin insufficiency is uncommon. However, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and a couple of different elements can expand the danger. Individuals can guarantee that they have an adequate biotin admission by devouring food varieties plentiful in the nutrient.

Here are some foods loaded with biotin:

  • Organ Meats (kidney or liver)
  • Egg Yolk
  • Bananas
  • Mushrooms
  • Walnuts
  • Almond
  • Peanuts
  • Legumes
  • Soybean
  • Whole Grains
  • Cauliflower
  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Seeds
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Broccoli
  • Avocados
  • Raspberries
  • Dairy
  • Spinach
  • Yeast

If you do not have a biotin-rich diet, you can also consume biotin supplements, which are an excellent way to ensure that you get the vitamin’s adequate amount. However, before adding any supplement to your diet, make sure that you are informing your doc.


Direction and Dosage to Use Biotin

The measure of biotin you need day by day differs by age, sex, and ailment. It goes from around five micrograms for newborn children to 35 micrograms for pregnant or lactating ladies. In any case, individuals who support its utilisation regularly prescribe taking 2 to 5 milligrams (mg) of biotin in supplement form day by day to reinforce hair and accomplish results.


Biotin: Precaution and Side Effects

Biotin is necessary for our body to grow and function properly, and it also offers many health benefits. That said, the best part about biotin is that consuming it carries minimal risk, albeit taking it in huge doses.

Since biotin dissolves in water, meaning it is water-soluble — it is improbable to overdose on the vitamin as any excess of biotin will be flushed out of the body through urination. Be that as it may, it is feasible to encounter some side effects from consuming biotin in very high doses.



How Much Biotin Needed for Hair Growth?

Generally, it is recommended to consume 2 to 5 milligrams (mg) of biotin in supplement form daily to nourish and strengthen your hair and achieve the results you want.


Does Biotin Grow Hair Faster?

Yes, biotin is a crucial vitamin needed for our body, and it is mainly linked to the growth and nourishment of our hair, skin, and nails. According to some studies, It can increase the rate of follicle growth and you can see results within 90 days, including the augmentation in shine and growth.


What is Biotin Deficiency?

Biotin deficiency is a state of the body where you lack this vitamin, and it can be characterized by alopecia and scaly erythematous dermatitis. It can additionally cause paresthesias, mild depression, and myalgias.


When Should You Take Biotin Morning or Night?

It is recommended to consume biotin supplements in the morning before meals on an empty stomach for best results. You can take it on an empty stomach 1 hour before or 2 hours after meals. You should take it with a full glass of water.


Which Foods Contain Biotin?

You can eat many foods to make your diet rich in biotin; the foods include organ meats, eggs, fish (especially tuna and salmon), seeds, nuts, meat and certain vegetables like spinach, broccoli, sweet potatoes, raspberries, and so forth.


Is it Okay to Take Biotin Every Day?

Biotin is found in many foods and beverages, so you might already be consuming it daily without knowing it. It is safe to consume biotin daily, and as the excess is flushed out of the body through urination, there is no chance of overdose. but still, you shouldn’t take biotin supplements unless directed by your doctor.


How Much Biotin in 10 Almonds?

Seeds and nuts are excellent sources of biotin. Almonds, peanuts, walnuts, and so forth provide biotin. You can get around 1.5 mcg of biotin in a quarter cup of almonds.


How Much Biotin in One Egg?

An egg is also a good source of biotin. You can get about 10.0 mcg of biotin from a whole, cooked egg.


Our Verdict

With that, our rundown for the best biotin supplement ends here. The winner of our list is none other than “Carbamide Forte Biotin 10000mcg with Multivitamin, Keratin & Bamboo Extract Tablets”. This supplement is safe to consume and contains potent ingredients. It has Keratin, Hyaluronic Acid, and Amino Acid, along with Aloe Vera and Bamboo Extract work together to provide you with solid and lustrous hair. Plus, the company is renowned in India, and all its products are GMP, Non-GMO, GLP, FSSAI, and ISO certified. So what else do you need in a biotin supplement?

Thanks for sticking with us till the very end, and make sure that you go through our informative buyer’s guide while looking for a biotin supplement online.

Should you have any questions or concerns, pin them down in the comment section below. Our team would love to get in touch with you.

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