Is Bonnell Spring Mattress Good For Back Pain?

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Who does not desire a good rest? After Coming from a long day at work or brainstorming at school, the first thing you do is take a good bath and then jump into your bed and get comfy under the blanket. Good sleep is thus essential for the working of the human body.

When we lie on our bed for rest or sleep, we might not be aware of certain hidden dangers that can affect us. Yes, you read it right… There are ill-effects such as back pain that can be caused due to the wrong selection of a sleeping mattress.

I will be discussing the different factors as to the causes of back pain, which is one of the best mattresses that can be used that does not give you any problems to your body.


What is Back Pain, and is it Still Prevalent? 

What is Back Pain, and is it Still Prevalent?


Back pain can be described as a pain associated with the rear region that extends from the shoulders to the hips. It can range from a pain that can arise as a result of body pain caused due to fever or an injury. It is described as uncomfortable or a stabbing sensation.

A lot of people do not take this problem very seriously. But in reality, it should be taken seriously as the back is the essential part, as anything that affects the back can radiate to the rest of the body, for example, the thighs and the legs. Care should be given to look after yourself better.

According to statistics, 8 out of 10 people suffer from back pain worldwide. Back Pain is one of the leading reasons employers apply for leaves. The majority of the people who suffer from back pain are women; women especially suffer from lower back pains. We can see that back pain becomes more prevalent as an individual grows older.


What are the Causes of Back Pain? 

There are many reasons why back pain is dealt with among a lot of people. They are as follows:-


1. Weight of the Body

Weight of the Body 


This is an essential factor among a lot of people. Studies find that obese people suffer from more pain than normal people. Most people who carry their weight in their abdominal area face the stress of back pain more than from other parts of the body such as the rear or hip region.


2. Posture While Sitting and Over-Sitting

Posture while Sitting and Over - Sitting 


Posture is something that should be maintained to prevent back pain. Slouching while using the laptop, reading, and texting are significant reasons. All of these reasons will develop a hunchback for you and cause pain for you in the neck, shoulders, and even the spaces between the shoulder blades.

Over- Sitting can also become a significant cause. Breaks while working and stretching will help you out.


3. Bending/ Hunching Down 

Bending/ Hunching Down


This is unknown to many people. When you bend down to pick something up, you hunch your shoulders; you round up your spine; this causes a lot of stress to both those body parts. This stress, in turn, causes pressure on the discs. Discs are said to act as cushions between vertebrae in your spine. This pressure can cause the discs to get herniated and burst. If not done correctly, yoga and exercises might also result in back pain.


4. Heavy Lifting

Heavy Lifting


People usually arch their backs while lifting something heavy. When people lift things, they should use their legs and knees and give a neutral position to the spine, but instead, they curve their spine, which would then lead to acute lower back pain or a pulled muscle.


5. Overhead Straining 

Overhead Straining 


In the overhead position, it is usually seen as the standing position; for example, these are a significant cause of back pain among construction workers when they nail something to the wall. The name ‘overhead’ refers to the hand in an overhead position. Thus, this can cause a lot of pressure points and diseases such as shoulder impingement syndrome.

Much attention should be given to such a cause as it is harmful. A lot of breaks and self-massage can help you out from this.


6. Arthritis and Osteoporosis

Arthritis and Osteoporosis 


Arthritis is the process by which there is inflammation in the joints; it can be one or many, which results in pain and stiffness, which causes a lot of people to feel denied the joy of walking.


7. Osteoporosis



Osteoporosis is how the bones in the body become soft and brittle. The people who suffer and are vulnerable are the senior citizens.


8. Sleeping Mattress

Sleeping Mattress 


The most crucial cause is the one that is unknown to many, and that is the use of the wrong mattress. Mattresses should be selected so that the one that keeps the back straight and the body weight is balanced correctly, and pillows should be selected in the right way, too, not that keeps the neck in the desired position.


Different Symptoms to Look Out for Back Pain Caused by Mattresses

There are different signs to look out for in a mattress. They are as follows:-

  • An uncomfortable mattress can keep you all up at night, tossing and turning until you find a comfortable spot to sleep in.
  • Mattress can neither be too soft nor too hard. Soft mattresses can cause hurting of the spine. Hard mattresses can cause pressure on the body joints. Doctors usually prescribe Bonell mattresses to help give a medium comfortable sleep.
  • Bad Mattresses can cause you to lose sound quality sleep. Bad mattresses can make you feel drained.
  • Mattresses that have aged can cause back pain as well. It is perceived that mattresses should be changed every 7-8 years. The changes in the mattress can result because of our physical growth and bone density. In such cases, new mattresses should be bought right away.
  • New mattresses can create issues as well. It takes some time for an individual to get used to it.
  • If someone wakes up saying they have unbearable pain, it is probably because of the posture in which they were sleeping and because it might be a soft mattress, which can cause stress on the spine, which thus leads to back pain.


What are Spring Mattresses, & what are the Different Types of Spring Mattresses?

Among the different mattresses available globally, Spring mattresses are the most preferred. Spring mattresses are the mattresses that contain springs, also known as coils, which are best to support weight, and it does not undergo a lot of damage.

There are different types of spring mattresses. They are as follows:-


Bonnell Spring Matresses

Bonnell Spring Matresses 


Bonnell Coils or springs are hourglass-shaped. They are thinner in the middle, which is thicker towards the bottom. The thinner middle responds to gentle pressure, and thicker ends give stable support throughout the mattress.


Marshall Coils 

Marshall coils are also known as pocket springs. They are barrel-shaped. They are not interconnected; individual pockets work independently. People who sleep on their stomachs will find the best use out of it.


Offset- Coils

Offset coils are similar to the hourglass structure of the Bonnell coils, but the top and the bottom convolutions take a flat shape. They are highly durable and conforms, and are reactive to contours of the body. They are very significant for side-sleepers and help in avoiding back pain-related issues.


Continuous Coils 

As the name suggests, a long wire is made into multiple individual coils. They are connected using helical lacing. This type of construction helps to support more weight and helps in the isolation of movements.


How do Bonnell Spring mattresses work? 

Bonnell spring mattresses with their hour-glass shape have a flat surface. Thus, it is very different from memory foam or pocket coil mattresses. Memory foam mattresses, your body will sink, and in Pocket coil mattresses, you experience the comfort and support differently.

In Bonnell spring mattresses, the comfort and support are experienced uniformly.

Bonnell mattresses are preferred by athletes and people who like to sleep on their backs.


Is Bonnell Spring Mattresses Suitable for Back Pain? 

If you experience back pain, lower back pain, or moderate back pain, please consult a doctor.

Bonnell Spring mattresses are the best remedy for back pain. Many orthopedic, ortho- medical doctors and even chiropractors prescribe this remedy.


  • As Bonnell mattresses are innerspring mattresses. Even though they may be softer or firmer, they remain good back support. Different types of foam layers inside the mattress such as memory foam, latex- foam, rebonded foam can still increase good back support.
  • Cold Temperature can also be a reason for back pain. We do not need to be worried about that as Bonnell mattresses have air gaps that act as a regulator that will keep you warm and comfortable.
  • The mattresses are considered long-lasting; the engineering behind the mattress’s construction is that the innerspring coils prevent sagging and damage of the internal layers of the mattress. There will be constant support given throughout the body by the mattress; the number of people and the bodyweight would not be a problem. Thus, back pain relief will be for as long as 10 years.
  • The Mattress helps alleviate the pain and better aligns your spine and muscles. This Mattress is the best for people who are very keen on postures, especially athletes who practice the majority of the day, and it can help them relieve them from back pain and strengthen their core. It is helpful for overweight people and older adults who generally have a delicate body; they are affected by many spinal alignment problems, which will be addressed with this very supportive bed.
  • The Bonnell spring mattresses have different layers, but the coils are the ones that extend help with the matter of back pain. Any areas that are weak, for example, bulged or herniated disc, chronic pain from injuries, the mattress can help you maintain the natural position of your spine. There are different types of Mattresses under Bonnell spring mattresses that offer additional comfort for different people.
  • The Brand Chiropedic gives various Bonnell spring mattresses such as Chiropedic 10,000, 5000, and 3000. For example, people who love to sleep on their sides would love Chiropedic 5000, which gives support and pain relief to people who sleep on the side.



To sum up, The Bonnell spring mattresses have air gaps that can regulate temperature, which can help in giving warmth to the back and relieve back pain; It can be used among a comprehensive set of people such as Athletes, older adults, Injured people, and those who suffer from obesity.

It is cheaper than other spring mattresses, worth the money, and a variety of the same mattresses are produced according to the additional comforts of human beings. And you can see results of yourself being relieved from back pain in weeks. I hope this article served as a good guide for all your questions regarding Bonnell spring mattresses.

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