Drugresearch Editorial Policy

Our content creation is not easy. Especially, searching for evidence-based information for your health is our primary objective, above all.  To keep up to our aim, we make sure to put in hours of research and undergo several rigorous practices before presenting helpful content to you. Information related to health, diet and nutrition, medical symptoms, etc., needs solid scientific backing. That is when our readers can trust us when looking for any type of health-related information.


Here is a protocol that we always follow for our articles:


Step 1: Research-

Before we create content about any Health, Fitness, Exercise, or Skincare remedies, we prefer doing our research about them. Our research covers everything, from what to eat, proper skincare, common medical problems you may face, etc.


Step 2: Writing and adding Visuals-

After research, we take action on our website and produce relevant content that you want to read. Our articles are simple, lucid, help you to take action, and use conscious language. Moreover, we see that our writing connects with fitness freaks and their emotions, helps them solve their problems, and makes them confident.  Additionally, visuals are also helpful, making the article more meaningful and easy to understand and follow.


Step 3: Verification based on science-

Our information is mainly gathered from peer-reviewed studies, research institutions, research papers, and medical journals. We collect what’s relevant from these sources while also citing and adding references for a detailed read. We believe in adding statistics, numbers, and figures to make your decision-making process more manageable. We make sure to get the information fact-checked by our esteemed team of health experts and nutritionists.    


Step 4: Verifying By Editorial Team-

The editorial team makes sure that our content’s readability is excellent. In addition, the editorial team tries to understand the article from a reader’s perspective and makes sure to edit the tiniest possible sections to improve our content.


Step 5: Checking Facts by Medical Reviewer-

Our well-equipped team of health professionals serves as medical reviewers who fact-check all medical information. They re-read the sources, cite sources when necessary, or add or remove relevant medical facts.


Step 6: Publishing-

Finally, we publish our refined and carefully created articles containing only reliable and most accurate information.  We keep it open to updates and appreciate your feedback after publishing our articles to constantly update our website for your convenience. We publish it intending to help you and make an efficient, healthy and well-groomed.


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