Ozone Therapy and Its Eight Benefits

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Ozone is said to have some therapeutic effects, and for this reason, it has widely been used for medicinal purposes. It is deemed a safe and proven method by many researchers and is used for the treatment of many diseases and health issues.

In this article, we will have a detailed look at the benefits that Ozone therapy offers. Read on to find out.


8 Benefits of Ozone Therapy

Benefits of Ozone Therapy

Below we look at some of the benefits that are ascribed to ozone therapy that are backed by scientific research. While more research is needed to fully prove the efficacy of ozone therapy in a few areas, it is said to be quite efficient in others.

1. Ozone therapy is said to help with immune disorders.

Ozone therapy can result in the betterment of your immune system. This study looks at the immune response in HIV-AIDS patients after undergoing ozone treatment. It was found that ozone can prove to be beneficial for improving the immune system. However, research on a more significant level is suggested to better study the role of ozone therapy in dealing with immune disorders.


2. Ozone therapy can reduce the complications caused by diabetes.

Ozone therapy is said to reduce various complications that are caused due to diabetes. A study suggests that ozone therapy indeed has the property of treating diabetes-related complications. It is also suggested that spinal pain can be treated using ozone therapy.

People with diabetes may often suffer from diabetic foot ulcers, and the study asserts that ozone therapy is helpful in such a case. By optimizing the metabolism of cells, ozone can help with the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers, which is found in many people with diabetes.


3. Ozone therapy has antimicrobial properties.

Ozone therapy can also prove to be beneficial in the treatment of infections. This study declares ozone therapy to be a primary treatment for acute bacterial infection in about 24 – 48 hours.


4. Ozone therapy may promote wound healing.

Another benefit of ozone therapy can be its wound healing properties. The study demonstrates the effectiveness of ozone therapy in the case of ulcerous lesions. Therefore, ozone therapy can prove to have positive effects on wound healing.

Other than that, ozone therapy is also found to be helpful in cases of mouth ulcers. This study talks about the effectiveness of ozone therapy in the treatment of aphthous stomatitis, which is a condition wherein repeated ulcers are formed in the mouth.


5. Ozone therapy is also used for the purification of water.

This might sound quite different from its other benefits, but it’s true. Ozone treatment is quite a beneficial way of treating water. It helps in purifying the water of dissolved metals through the process of oxidation. Its antimicrobial properties also help to treat the water from any germs.


6. Ozone therapy can be good for joint mobility.

Ozone therapy is also known to treat musculoskeletal disorders. This report supports the claim that ozone therapy is beneficial in such a case, helping with disorders such as lumbar facet joint syndrome, subacromial bursitis, osteoarthritis, hip bursitis, shoulder adhesive capsulitis, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.


7. Oxygen-ozone therapy can help with low back pain and knee osteoarthritis.

This report asserts that oxygen-ozone (O2O3) therapy was found to provide relief in case of low back pains as well as knee osteoarthritis. The oxidative stress as a result of the interaction of ozone with biological components leads to the efficiency of oxygen-ozone therapy.

O2O3 therapy is helpful in the case of many disorders that lead to chronic inflammatory processes and immune over-activation.


8. Ozone therapy can also help with breathing issues.

Ozone therapy might help reduce your lung stress since it increases the oxygen level in the blood. The study looks at the treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease through ozone therapy, deeming it helpful in cases of ex-smokers. An overall improvement was seen in the subjects after undertaking the therapy. However, more research needs to be conducted to test the results better.



Q. Are there any disadvantages of Ozone therapy?

Due to the oxidation and peroxidation processes of ozone, there tend to be a few downsides of ozone therapy. They can lead to cell injury, while inhaling ozone might lead to lung irritation. It is best to remain cautious while undergoing ozone therapy. It should not be taken in high doses and must be done under proper administration.


Q. Is Ozone therapy safe?

The safety factor of ozone therapy is contested to some extent since ozone is a toxic gas. Ozone can have harmful effects on humans. The scope of ozone in various kinds of treatments is still being studied. And while several studies guarantee its efficacy, others deem it dangerous. Doctors or experts can suggest better as per your treatment requirements.



While ozone as a gas is a harmful one, it offers many health-related benefits. From its antibacterial properties to its wound-healing properties, it can treat a wide range of ills. The scope of ozone in the treatment of various other health-related issues is still being studied.

Being a gas that can be dangerous to health, undergoing ozone therapy under proper experts and complete administration is vital. Meanwhile, if you or anyone you know has even undergone ozone therapy, do let us and our readers know in the comment box below how it worked and what the experience was like.

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