8 Ways To Spot Signs Of New Hair Growth

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We all desire thick and bouncy hair but hair fall is a common concern among many of us. Although losing about 100 strands of hair daily is normal, some health conditions, lifestyle and, pollution, etc., can cause excessive hair fall.

Therefore, in an attempt to boost their hair growth, many people try out different remedies. Now the big question is, how to know if any hair growth is occurring? Well, it is quite easy!

In this article, we are going to tell you about 8 ways to spot signs of new hair growth. We will also give some easy tips to boost your hair growth. So let’s begin now!


How Fast Does The Hair On Head Grow?

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, people can lose around 50–100 hairs daily. Soon afterward, new hair growth starts from the same follicles.

Also, the hair on our heads grows around 6 inches every year. However, your genes, age, hair type, and underlying health conditions can also determine your hair growth cycle.


8 Signs of New Hair Growth

8 Simple Ways To Detect Signs Of New Hair Growth

Since your hair grows back slowly, you can’t get thick and luscious hair overnight. Nevertheless, you may notice the following signs of new hair growth on your head:

1. You’ll Notice Dark Spots Or Shadows

Our hair has a natural pigment that gives colour to it. Part your hair and look for dark spots on your scalp or hairline. Make sure there is proper lighting.

You might notice dark spots, also called shadows, in the areas where new hair growth occurs. These dark spots mean that your hair is in the active stage of hair regrowth. So rejoice, because they are a sure sign of new hair growth!


2. You Might Notice A Fuzz

Fuzz is a patch of thin, short, and fluffy hair, which you probably have noticed on the heads of babies. New hair often resembles a fuzz, which means that your hair follicles are in their active growth phase.

Moreover, since the fuzz has just started to grow, it is softer and finer than the hair on other areas of your scalp.

You can simply detect a fuzz by parting your hair and running your fingers over the areas where you have experienced hair loss. If you notice a fuzz in those areas, congratulations, it is a definite sign of new hair growth!


3. You Will Notice Baby Hair Strands

“Baby hair” is the very short and thin hair that often grows around your hairline. They indicate that your hair follicles are functioning properly.

So if you detect those baby hair on your scalp which probably weren’t there before, know that those are sure signs of new hair growth!

Moreover, those baby hair strands relatively grow faster in people with healthy scalps over people with unhealthy scalps.


4. You Will Notice A Fewer Split Ends

When your hair fibre divides into two or more fragments, split ends occur. They are caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight, excessive styling, vigorously rubbing the hair with a towel, and, chemical hair treatments, etc.

However, if you notice that your hair has a fewer split as compared to earlier, it could be a sign of new hair growth since only healthy hair has fewer split ends.


5. You Will Notice Less Hair Fall & Breakage

Although it is common to lose up to 100 hair strands each day, extreme hair loss indicates weak hair. The hair strands fall off along with the roots during the normal shedding stage of the hair cycle.

However, during excessive hair fall, these strands break off from the middle instead of the roots.

When your hair is dry and brittle, it is more prone to breakage. Hence, if you’ve recently noticed lesser hair fall and breakage, it could be a good sign – of hair growth!


6. Your Hair Becomes Stronger 

While weak hair is prone to breakage and considered unhealthy, stronger hair is a sign of healthy and new hair growth.

When the hair strands regrow, they gain more volume and length with time and become stronger. Thus, if you notice less hair fall and breakage, it could be one of the signs of new hair growth.


7. Your Hair Becomes More Manageable

Soft and manageable hair is a sign of new hair growth. Also, because healthy hair tends to grow faster and is less prone to breakage, it becomes easy to take care of it.

Thus, if your days of bad and unmanageable hair are gone, you can rejoice!


8. Your Hair Becomes Thicker & Longer

If your hair increases in length, it can be one of the signs of new hair growth. And the length of your hair increases only when it becomes healthier.

So now we know why most shampoo brands claim that using their product will make your hair ‘thick and long’!


How To Boost Your Hair Growth? 

Now that you have learned how to detect signs of new hair growth, we have also listed down 6 simple and effective tips to boost your hair growth:

1. Give Your Scalp A Good Massage

Massaging the Scalp

Massaging your head with hot oil is a good way to relax. It helps to stimulate blood circulation within the scalp and nourish the hair follicles.

We recommend you give your head a hot oil massage once or twice a week for gorgeous hair.


2. Get Your Hair Trimmed 

Heat and pollution can damage your hair and cause split-ends, which in turn, hamper hair growth.

Therefore, you must go for a hair trim every 6 months to get rid of those split ends and thereby, boost healthy hair growth.


3. Limit The Use Of Styling Tools 

Limit the use of hair straighteners, curling irons, and, blow dryers, etc., as much as possible.

This is because heat can destroy the hair cuticles and cause breakage. Also, whenever you use these tools, use them on the lowest heat setting.


4. Avoid Making Tight Hairstyles 

According to the American Academy Of Dermatology, you must not wear your tight hair pulled back into a ponytail or braids.

Pulling back your hair or making a tight hairstyle often can recede your hairline and trigger a type of hair loss known as traction alopecia.


5. Wash Your Hair The Right Way

How you wash your hair can also impact its growth. Here’s what the American Academy Of Dermatology says about the right way to wash your hair:

  • Always use a mild, sulfate-free shampoo for washing your hair, followed by a conditioner.
  • After washing, gently pat it dry with a cotton towel.
  • Moreover, rinse hair only with cold water as it helps to seal your hair cuticles and retain moisture.


6. Eat A Protein-Rich Diet

Protein Rich Diet

Last but not the least, our diet also plays a significant role in our hair health. Since our hair is composed mainly of proteins, your diet should also be rich in protein.

A lack of protein can make your hair dull and more prone to breakage. Some examples of protein-rich foods include fish, lean meats, legumes, beans, nuts, cauliflower, and eggs, etc.



1. How can I tell if my hair breaks or regrows?

One way to determine if your hair is growing or breaking is by tying them into a ponytail and lifting the shorter strands of hair. If they are closer to your hairline then chances are they are new hair. However, if they are longer and nearer to your ponytail then it is most probably breakage.


2. What is the cause of new hair growth?

Testosterone is the hormone that is responsible for boosting hair growth. It is present in both males and females. In general, the more testosterone, the more rapidly and thickly the body and facial hair tend to grow.


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We hope the signs mentioned in the article will help you to spot the signs of new hair growth on your head.

However, as soon as you notice them, we recommend you to follow a good hair care routine and eat a healthy diet. This will help to stimulate your hair growth as well as give you thick and healthy hair soon!

Also, if you have any other questions, please don’t forget to post them in the comment section below. We will be happy to assist you

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