How To Take Whey Protein: With Water Or Milk?

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It has mainly two opinions regarding consumption. Others say with milk, and others add water. I’ll calm my doubts in this article, though. Some Google search searches of YouTube videos and exercise videos created confusion for the reader. Some have claimed this whey protein should be added to milk and mixed with water before eating.

There are two ways to answer this question:

(a) if you want to increase weight and muscle mass in general, or

(b) if you wish to lose fat and gain lean mass.

To be more specific, it depends on the objectives you’ve set for your body based on the above two statements.

Because the usage varies depending on that, you should be extremely clear about what you intend to do!

Let’s look at the larger picture now.



Taking Whey Protein with Milk

When you want to gain weight, muscle mass, or boost your calorie intake, mixing whey protein with milk comes in handy.

If you want to build massive, bulky muscles, you should combine whey with milk.

If you combine a good training program with your goal, you can attain it.

Milk contains 80% casein and 20% whey, two of the highest quality protein sources. Mixing whey protein powder with milk can help you get those protein-rich muscles by increasing your protein consumption.

It also aids in the provision of a well-balanced nutritious diet.

Due to the presence of casein, which is slowly absorbed in the body, whey protein combined with milk stays longer in our gastrointestinal system.

Whey protein supplements mixed with milk are also effective when taken first thing in the morning before a workout. While the body is working out, the slow-digesting milk and whey protein will release amino acids.

The longer they stay in the body, the bigger the muscles get due to increased protein absorption from supplement consumption.

Milk is also excellent for a richer, creamier flavor.

NOTE: If a person is lactose intolerant or sensitive to milk, mixing whey protein supplements with cow’s milk is a big NO.

A shake containing milk and whey would not be digestible in such circumstances.

Other alternatives for combining protein supplement powder include almond, soy, or coconut milk.



Taking Whey Protein with Water

As mentioned above, whey protein is mixed with water when the person’s goal is to lose weight, and quick results are expected from the workout.

Whey protein shakes mixed with water give more excellent and faster absorption and release, which is especially beneficial after a workout when your body requires proteins to repair damaged muscles quickly.

When it comes to combining whey protein shakes with water, one of the most remarkable is that the protein powder mixes with water easier because it has a lower liquid density.

When whey protein gets combined with water, it helps our bodies absorb it more rapidly.

The high-intensity activities we perform to get leaner muscles to deplete amino acids and other minerals in the muscles take us near to our goal.

Whey protein has 80 to 110 calories per scoop, with no or minimal carbohydrates and fat. If you aim to lose weight or develop lean muscle mass while reducing carbohydrates, fat, and calories, it is best to take protein with water rather than milk.

The flavor is another reason why most individuals prefer not to combine their whey protein shakes with water.

It’s more basic with water than with milk, but if you want quick results and a protein-rich diet, combining it with water is the best option.


After an exercise, the average suggested whey protein intake is 25-50 grams (1-2 scoops). Always read and follow the directions on the package.

Just keep in mind that if you already consume a lot of protein, adding whey protein to your diet is entirely unnecessary.

So, if you want to add extra protein to your diet, whey protein is a good option, but be careful how you use it.



Many people think you should consume whey protein right after a workout to optimize muscle growth; however, research contradicts this.

You don’t need to drink a whey protein shake right after your workout if you’ve already had protein in your meal. To satisfy your daily protein requirements, you can drink your protein shake at any time of day.

Assume you’re doing out after work or eating a meal 3-4 hours before your session. In such a scenario, you have a protein drink right after exercising to counteract the catabolic state and speed up muscle repair and development.

Because there has been no pre-ingestion of protein, you must eat whey protein soon after your exercises if you are training while fasting.

Various studies discovered that drinking a protein shake before any exercise is better than after since participants who had protein before the workout had more protein synthesis than those who consumed protein afterward.



  • Make sure it doesn’t have any added sugar, as this will boost your carbohydrate consumption and protein intake.
  • Lactose intolerant people should be cautious while eating whey protein, and they should probably avoid it altogether because it might cause an allergic response.
  • It should not get consumed by anyone who has kidney difficulties since it may aggravate their condition.
  • Excess whey protein consumption can lead to a mineral imbalance in the bones, which can contribute to osteoporosis(a medical condition where bones become fragile)
  • If you don’t go to the gym or a fitness center regularly, you shouldn’t drink whey protein.
  • Make sure you consume a well-balanced diet while consuming whey protein.



Whey protein is a high-quality protein that is easily absorbed and used by the human body. It’s an excellent method to get additional protein into your diet.

It’s fantastic for those who want to lose weight and increase muscle mass. Many manufacturers produce the best whey proteins for muscle building and weight loss in India.



1. Is it true that whey protein makes you sleepy?

No. Whey protein can make you lazy if you take too much of it, but it won’t make you sleepy if you take it in the prescribed amounts.


2. Is it possible to consume whey protein without exercising?

It would be best if you didn’t do it because it will harm your body. The benefits get slowed when whey protein gets consumed without exercise. As a result, it is always recommended that a workout and whey protein is combined.


3. Is it possible to take too much whey protein for better results?

No, taking too much whey protein isn’t a good idea. Always get advice from a dietitian before increasing your Whey Protein consumption. Limit your whey protein consumption to 2 to 3 scoops per day.


4. What are the storage requirements for whey protein?

Whey protein should be kept away from moisture in a cold, dry, dark place. Keep the lid firmly closed at all times.


5. How long does it take for whey protein to provide significant results?

The sort of regimen you follow and your body type will determine your results. However, within six weeks, the protein should show practical benefits.


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