Dentist in Hyderabad | Top 10 Dental Clinics in Hyderabad

Finding a good dentist in Hyderabad can be challenging, especially if you have never been to one. Since people have a specific image of dentists, most of us get apprehensive about going to a new one. 

But we are here to help you find the best dentist in Hyderabad with the help of the following article.

List of the Best Dentist in Hyderabad 2024

  • Dr. Venkatappaiah (Dentist) (Hyderabad)
  • Dr. M Sridhar (Dentist) (Hyderabad)
  • Dr. Syed Saood Hasan Razvi (Dentist) (Hyderabad)
  • Dr. Seetharam Kumar D (Dentist) (Hyderabad)
  • Dr. Radhika Muppa (Dentist) (Hyderabad)
  • Dr. Snigdha Hara (Dentist) (Hyderabad)
  • Dr. Srikanth Guduguntla (Dentist) (Hyderabad)
  • Dr. Vijay Kumar Challagulla (Dentist) (Hyderabad)
  • Dr. Nandagopal Vura (Dentist) (Hyderabad)
  • Dr. Srinivas Gadipelly (Dentist) (Hyderabad)

Dr. Venkatappaiah, BDS

Address: OM DENTAL Clinic, Street Number 1, Bapuji Nagar, MBD Complex, HMT Nagar, HMT Colony, Hyderabad, Telangana 500076

Contact: +91-4027155661

Timing: MON-SAT ( 10:00 AM – 01:30 PM, 05:00 PM – 09:00 PM )

Work Experience: 27 Years+ of experience

Dr. M Sridhar, BDS, MDS – Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics

Address: Dental360, Flat No 101, Sai Jyothi Residency, Convention Rd, beside Aditya Sunshine, Cyber, Khanammet, Telangana 500084

Contact: +91-8125544433

Timing: MON-SAT ( 10:00 AM – 01:00 PM, 05:00 PM – 08:00 PM )

Work Experience: 21 Years+ of experience

Dr. Syed Saood Hasan Razvi, BDS

Address: Denta Glo Dental Clinic, Daulat Gulshan Colony, Deluxe Colony, Janaki Nagar Colony, Toli Chowki, Hyderabad, Telangana 500008

Contact: +91-8125350060

Timing: MON-SAT ( 10:00 AM – 02:00 PM, 05:00 PM – 09:00 PM ) SUN ( 10:00 AM – 01:00 PM )

Work Experience: 17 Years+ of experience

Dr. Seetharam Kumar D, BDS, MDS – Periodontology and Oral Implantology

Address: CosmeDent Speciality Dental Clinic, Nizampet Rd, Block 1, Nagarjuna Homes, Kukatpally, Hyderabad, Telangana 500085

Contact: +91-4023892373

Timing: MON-SAT ( 10:00 AM – 01:00 PM, 05:00 PM – 09:00 PM ) SUN ( 10:00 AM – 01:00 PM )

Work Experience: 20 Years+ of experience

Dr. Radhika Muppa, BDS, MDS – Paedodontics And Preventive Dentistry

Address: Amulya Dental Clinic, Kalamandir Rd, Hmt Sathavahana Nagar, Kukatpally, Hyderabad, Telangana 500072

Contact: +91-7207013381

Timing: MON-SAT ( 11:00 AM – 01:30 PM, 06:00 PM – 09:00 PM ) SUN ( 11:00 AM – 01:00 PM )

Work Experience: 24 Years+ of experience

Dr. Snigdha Hara, BDS, MDS

Address: SP DENTAL CRAFTS, 2nd Floor, Apurupa BDR, Road Number 10, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500033

Contact: +91-9353111222, +91-4023111222

Timing: MON-SUN ( 10:30 AM – 08:30 PM )

Work Experience: 12 Years+ of experience

Dr. Srikanth Guduguntla, BDS, MDS

Address: Smile Miles Dental Care, 103, Kishen Reidency,1-11-242/1, Shayamlal Bldgs, Lane Opp Pantloons, Sardar Patel Rd, Begumpet, Hyderabad, Telangana 500016

Contact: +91-9849156994, +91-4027764400

Timing: MON-SAT ( 10:00 AM – 02:00 PM, 05:00 PM – 09:00 PM )

Work Experience: 23 Years+ of experience

Dr. Vijay Kumar Challagulla, BDS, MDS

Address: Whites Dental Care, B-Block,No.243, Kondapur Main Road, Sri Ramnagar, Kondapur, Hyderabad, Telangana 500086

Contact: +91-9949232222

Timing: MON-SAT ( 05:00 PM – 09:00 PM )

Work Experience: 22 Years+ of experience

Address: Walk In Clinics, 8-2-601/J, 157, Road Number 10, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500034

Contact: +91-4023371616

Timing: MON-SAT ( 09:30 AM – 04:00 PM )

Work Experience: 22 Years+ of experience

Dr. Nandagopal Vura, MDS

Address: Apollo Spectra Hospitals, Plot # 1 & 6, Kothaguda X Road, near Harsha Toyota Showroom, Kondapur, Telangana 500032

Contact: +91-8448440991

Timing: MON- SAT ( 04:00 PM-07:00 PM )

Work Experience: 21 Years+ of experience

Dr. Srinivas Gadipelly, MBBS, BDS, MDS, FDSRCS

Address: Apollo Hospitals DRDO, DMRL Cross Rd, Kanchan Bagh, Hyderabad, Telangana 500058

Contact: +91-4024342222

Timing: MON- SAT ( 12:00 AM-11:45 PM )

Work Experience: 18 Years+ of experience

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How to Find the Best Dentist in Hyderabad?

When it comes to your health, it can be difficult to know when you need to see a professional. One of the areas that people tend to neglect is their oral health. Regular visits to a good dentist can help to catch issues that could otherwise lead to bigger problems. 

The best way to keep on top of your oral health is to visit a dentist regularly. You can commence your dental treatment with your primary care physician’s recommendation list. You can also seek advice from family, friends, and other professional experts. 

Spend some time looking into the skills and qualifications of the specialists. Before visiting a dentist, please do your homework on their background. 

What are the qualifications of a Dentist? 

Dentists are today’s most arduous medical healthcare specialists. It is a tremendous vocation, but whatever dentist job one chooses, one must be an expert. A five-year BDS program, which is a professional educational program for dental doctors and can be followed by an MDS program, is among the dental qualifications.

What is the role of the Dentist? 

Dentists are the first line of defense when it comes to maintaining wellness. They collaborate with local organizations to detect and cure oral infections, dental abnormalities, and dental/facial wounds. A dentist’s significant duties include:

  • Performing evaluations of the mouth’s pulp tissue.
  • The head and neck area.
  • Identifying oral thrush.
  • Taking diagnostic tests.
  • Creating therapeutic interventions.
  • Keeping patient charts.
  • Dealing directly with specialists.
  • Frequently participating in the practice’s management.

When Should You See a Dentist? 

  • Toothache A toothache is the most common reason for a dental visit.
  • Preventative dental appointments are critical for the early detection of issues.
  • A tooth that has been broken or chipped
  • Even though our teeth are rugged, they can shatter or disintegrate. This commonly occurs due to an adverse event, but it can also occur due to nibbling into anything complicated or cavities.
  • Gums that are inflamed, red, or gushing
  • Bacteria in the mouth can cause an infection of the gums and plaque formation on the teeth.

What does a Dentist do on your first visit?

The best dentist in Hyderabad will examine the insides of your teeth, gums, and supportive cranial bones in detail. Expect a comprehensive cleansing treatment with the professional if you stay. The longer the gap between dental checkups, the more stubborn tartar forms on your teeth and gum tissue. It can be painful to have tartar removed, but the clear, flawless sensation of your teeth afterward is well worth it. 

You’ll also have cleaner breath. It may hurt and bleed a little as the Dentist investigates your teeth and examines for pockets in your gums. The discomfort should pass quickly.

What questions will a Dentist ask?

Here are a few general questions a reliable and best dentist in Hyderabad can ask you during your typical dental visit: 

  • What is your general oral hygiene regimen?
  • Do you smoke?
  • Do you consume tobacco-like substances?
  •  How often do you have your dental exams and cleaning?
  • Do you have any dental health conditions I should know about?
  • Have you been experiencing random toothaches?
  • What is your diet?
  • Do you experience sensitivities in your teeth?

What kind of tests does a Dentist do? 

  • Teeth Cleaning
  • Bitewing X-ray, Peri-apical X-ray, and OPG are the three types of dental X-rays.
  • Palpation: The Dentist will grasp the mucosa that covers the roots to see whether there is any inflammation.
  • Percussion: The Dentist lightly taps your teeth with a finger or the tip of several of the devices to locate the teeth causing the issues.
  • Vitality testing, often known as “pulp testing,” is a procedure used to check the health of the nerve within the tooth.


At the end of the day, it is very important to visit the best dentist in Hyderabad at the right time to avoid any further serious complications that can seriously harm your health.