Is There A Best Time To Drink Water?

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There is no debate regarding how important it is for us to consume water throughout the day. About eight glasses of water are considered essential for every person despite their age group to keep the body healthy and hydrated.

But did you know that you can provide extra benefits to your health by having water at certain times of the day?

In this article, we will remark on the most suitable timing for you to consume water throughout the day to keep your body fit.


6 Best Times To Drink Water 

Here are some of the best times to consume water to maintain your body’s functions and keep you healthy.

1. After Getting Up In The Morning

Getting Up In The Morning

Having a glass of warm water the first thing in the morning can help clean your digestive system and also assist in regulating your gut health.

Starting the day with water can also help purify the body’s internal organs and make you active by pushing you from sleep mode. Having warm water is also considered a good morning beauty routine to make your skin hydrated and glowing.


2. Before Meals

Before Meals

Having water minutes before you take your meals can be great for people who want to lose weight. This way, you prevent yourself from feeling full without actually intaking the complete meal.

Take a glass of water around thirty minutes before having your meal. This way, you can have a sufficient amount of meals without taking too many calories.


3. Before And After Working Out

Working Out

Workouts can lead to loss of electrolytes and water from your body in the form of sweat, leading to a dehydrated body.

Therefore, drinking water before and after doing your exercise can help keep your body from getting dehydrated. Also, restore the fluids that were lost through sweat from your body.

However, you should make sure you are not consuming a heavy amount of water during your exercise or workouts.

It will decrease sodium concentration and drain natural electrolytes present in the body, which can be bad for your health as it uses up your natural energy.

Therefore, consider having small sips during the resting time of your workouts to keep your energy and hydration level secure.


4. When Facing A Headache


A potential reason behind having a headache can be due to a dehydrated body. This kind of headache takes place when there isn’t enough amount of fluid present in your body.

When your body faces fluid loss, it can catch through your brain, causing pain in your head. However, this kind of headache can be cured by consuming water and restoring the fluid in your body.


5. Wash Down Your Meal By Drinking Water

It is essential to keep a glass of water beside you while consuming your meal filled with high-fiber food. When fiber proceeds through the digestive system, it soaks up all the water in the process.

To develop regularity and also set up the stool. Since the water gets soaked up this procedure, it is better to consume a sip of water.

Because even though high fiber food might be great for the body, you don’t want your water levels to go down.


6. Before Going To Bed

Before Going To Bed

Keeping yourself hydrated before your bedtime may reduce the risk of heart stroke and attack.

A dehydrated body can affect your overall sleep by adversely affecting your mood. You should have water around one hour before you sleep to avoid going to the bathroom in the middle of your sleep, which will eventually harm your sleep.

You can even place one glass of water beside your bedside area if you get thirsty at night.



Should I consume water while having my meal? 

No, you shouldn’t take water while having your meal as it can cause distraction in your digestive system, and this will also not help your body absorb the nutrients from your food. The best time to consume water is before or after thirty mins of your meal.


On an hourly basis, how much water can I consume?

There isn’t a timeline of how much water you should consume in an hour in case of the entire day, and it’s eight glasses of water.

You should know that drinking too much water can also cause health problems like heart and kidney-related risks. So, you shouldn’t consume too much water as well.


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Water is a fundamental thing in our life. However, by having water at a particular time throughout the day, you can ensure that your body gets the required hydration at essential times, like before and after a workout.

The steps mentioned above will help you know the best times and events when your body needs water.

Tell us in the comments out of all the day’s events which time you think is most important for consuming water.

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