Difference Between Loose Powder and Compact

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Any women’s bag you open, you are definitely going to find a compact in there. And why not would you when face powders are such a hit in a country like India. We have hotter summers and humid clients in most parts of the country, which eventually makes our skin dull and oily.

Face powders thus come to us as a saviour. But guess what they are available in so much of variety that as you did more profound, you will definitely end up surprising yourself. These varieties include HD powders, loose, tinted, setting powders, compact ones, and the list goes on and on.

So today, to help you learn a bit more about these make essentials, we have for you anything and everything about compact powders, loose powder and how are they two different from one another.

If you want to know what works best for you, you don’t need to go buy all the types. You simply need to do your research, and so here we have it for you already. Read on and know what will work best for you and what you should avoid buying.


Compact Powder vs Loose Powder

Whether you want a flawless glow or matte finish, the powder works well for them all.

So, to begin with, the main difference between the two is the type of packaging. Compact powders are pressed and made into a bar kind of thing, whereas loose powders are directly packaged in jars and tubs.

Yes, that is just that simple to differentiate. We know it wasn’t in any way a hard guess, so depending on the style of packaging, let us know which one will work best for you.

Loose Powders have tiny particles, and thus it gives you lightweight coverage. The more acceptable consistency makes it difficult to transport and even use it with ease when on the go. You need to have a proper set up or a place to blend it.

But loose powder gives you a luminous and even finish, so these powders are perfect to complete the look. The silky textures help it set with ease on your base, making it easier to blend. Loose powders provide light coverage, so you often find mineral make up in loose powder like consistency rather than pressed.

Pressed powder, or say compact powder comes in a compact and has ingredients that turn the powder into a semi solid form. Talking about the texture, pressed powder has slightly bigger particles, so sometimes applying a lot can lead to a cakey appearance. So while using pressed powders, you need to make sure you don’t overuse them.

When it comes to touch up to get a fresh look or remove excess oil, pressed powder is a perfect choice. Compact powders are very portable and are found in everyone’s bag when you head out for work, vacation, outing, etc.

The compact is more on the heavier side and contains more oil as compared to loose powder. Thus, it helps conceal blemishes and attain even skin tone. You can often use pressed powder instead of foundation or BB cream when you want to go for no make up make up look.

So yes, that was pretty much all the differences that you should know between the two. You can use loos powder to lock the make up in your skin or use compact powder otherwise.

Now that you know what workers best when you are in a mood for full coverage makeup and what you need where you are constantly on the go, let us know how to use each one of them. This will definitely help you understand its differences well.


How to use a Compact Powder?

How to use a Compact Powder


So when it comes to using a compact powder, it is not a rocket since. But sometimes, when applied to sweaty skin, it can turn to disaster. Since you will be using it on your no makeup, make days or for quick touch ups before your meeting/ date/ after work hang out and stuff, doing it right is always essential.

So, to begin with, never use your hands to apply compact powder. It is always advisable to use the sponge inside the compact powder or the small powder brush. The bristles really help blend the compact, so it is always a good idea to use either of them.

Plus, your hands have a lot of germs, and you don’t want to end up spoiling your skin. So swish the brush in the product and give it a tap. Start with applying the powder on the oiliest part of your face, preferably T-zone, cheeks, and chin. Then slowly sweep over the rest of the face.

Keep the motion slow even if you are in a hurry. The pressure should also be extremely minimal. Removing the excess product will help you keep it away from a cakey appearance.

So that was all that you should know to apply compact powder the best way you can.


How to apply Loose powder?

How to apply Loose powder


When it comes to doing a high coverage, make up, and to make sure your foundation stays longer, fresh and perfect, the loose powder should definitely be the last thing you do as a part of your make up.

So to start taking some powder onto your lid. You can use either a large powder brush or powder puff to apply loose powder over your foundation. Dip the brush or puff into the loose powder, tap it to remove excess powder and start from your centre face.

Sweep it in the outward direction, and that’s how you will be able to blend it with ease. Make sure you don’t miss even the edges of your face, as the loose powder will make your skin look even toned.

It is just that simple.

What should know you get, Loose powder or Compact powder?

Well, personally, I would recommend go get them both. We always have days when even washing our face seems like a lot of struggle, and then there are days we can sit and do make up for the 3 hours straight.

So for days when you are completely lazy but do not want people to know it, invest in a good compact powder that matches your skin. And on days when you want to do a full coverage make up and want to look like you did nothing, go for loose powder.

You just need to make sure you get a compact powder that matches your skin type. If you have a fair skin, go for yellow based compact, and if you have a tanned or caramel complexion, choose a copper based shade.

The same is with loose powder. If you have an oily skin type, go for a one shade lighter loose powder than your skin tone. For normal or combination skin, you can always choose the exact same skin toned loose powder.


Final Notes

So yes, that was pretty much all about compact powders and loose powders. Now that you know a lot about them, we hope your next shopping list includes either or both of them.

There might not be much of a technical difference other than the texture that you knew earlier, but now you know tiny functional details you don’t want to skip during your make up.

So go get your favourite one, and let us know the difference you noticed after its application. Happy shopping, fellas!!!

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